Web Search Engines List – Active & Inactive Search Engines List

List of web search engines like google, bing, baidu etc available, check search engines list including active (dedicated/metasearch), inactive search engines

Web Search Engines List

There are several popular search engines available on the internet, you can check web search engines list here. These web search engines includes active (dedicated / metasearch) and inactive search engines. Some of the most famous search engines are google, bing, baidu, yahoo, ask.com etc. These search engines performs vaious tasks like web crawling, indexing, processing queries, displaying search results and advertisements.

In short, web search engine is an online platform that allow users to search for information on the internet. These search engines utilize web crawling, indexing, and ranking algorithms to provide users with relevant search results based on their queries.

Active Web Search Engines List

The list of all active web search engine includes dedicated search engines as well as metasearch engines.

Dedicated Search Engines

  • AOL – AOL’s web search engine, which utilizes the Bing search engine’s results.
  • Ask.com – A question-and-answer-based web search engine that allows users to ask specific questions and receive answers.
  • Baidu – The leading search engine in China, providing search services primarily in the Chinese language.
  • Bing – Microsoft’s search engine, offering a similar experience to Google with its own set of features and algorithms.
  • DuckDuckGo – A privacy-focused web search engine that does not track users or store personal information.
  • Ecosia – A web search engine that uses its ad revenue to plant trees around the world.
  • Google – Google is the most widely used web search engine, known for its comprehensive search results and advanced search capabilities.
  • Yahoo! – Yahoo operates its search engine, which is powered by Bing. It provides search results and additional features through its web portal.
  • Yandex – The most popular search engine in Russia, offering search services in Russian and other languages.
  • Swisscows – A privacy-focused web search engine based in Switzerland that uses semantic data recognition technology.
  • Ahmia – Ahmia is a search engine specifically designed for searching hidden services on the Tor network, also known as the dark web.
  • Blackle – Blackle is a search engine that offers a unique concept with an emphasis on energy conservation. It is designed to display search results on a black background, which is claimed to save energy compared to search engines with predominantly white backgrounds.
  • Brave – Brave Search Engine is a privacy-focused search engine developed by Brave Software, the same company behind the privacy-oriented web browser called Brave.
  • Fireball – Fireball is a search engine that originated in Germany and primarily focuses on delivering search results in German and other European languages.
  • Kiddle – Kiddle is a search engine designed specifically for children, aiming to provide a safe and child-friendly online search experience.
  • KidRex – KidRex is a child-friendly search engine that aims to provide a safe online search experience for children.
  • KidzSearch – KidzSearch is a child-friendly search engine designed to provide a safe and educational online search experience for children.
  • Lycos – Lycos was launched in 1994 and quickly gained popularity as one of the earliest search engines on the web. It was one of the most recognized search engines during the early years of the internet.
  • Mojeek – Mojeek is an independent search engine based in the United Kingdom that aims to provide a privacy-focused and unbiased search experience.
  • Naver – Naver is a popular search engine based in South Korea. It is one of the largest web portals in the country and offers a wide range of services beyond search.
  • Parsijoo – Parsijoo is a search engine based in Iran that primarily caters to Persian language users.
  • Petal – Petal Search Engine is primarily designed for mobile devices, particularly Huawei smartphones. It is intended to provide a search experience tailored to Huawei device users.
  • SAPO – Sapo Search Engine is a search engine based in Portugal, primarily serving the Portuguese-speaking community.
  • Seznam.cz – Seznam.cz is primarily focused on serving the Czech-speaking population. It provides search results, content, and services in the Czech language.
  • Sogou – Sogou Search Engine primarily serves the Chinese-speaking population, providing search results, content, and services in the Chinese language.
  • WebCrawler – WebCrawler was one of the first search engines to index and search the web when it was launched in 1994. It played a significant role in the early days of the internet.
  • Youdao – Youdao Search Engine primarily serves the Chinese-speaking population. It provides search results, content, and services in the Chinese language.

Metasearch Engines

  • Dogpile
  • Excite
  • Info.com
  • MetaCrawler
  • MetaGer
  • Searx
  • Startpage
  • Qwant

Inactive Web Search Engines List

  • 123people
  • A9.com
  • Aliweb
  • AlltheWeb
  • AltaVista
  • Blekko
  • Boogami
  • Cuil
  • Empas
  • Forestle
  • GenieKnows
  • Gigablast
  • Go.com
  • HotBot
  • Infoseek
  • Inktomi
  • Ixquick
  • JumpStation
  • LeapFish
  • Northern Light
  • Pipilika
  • Powerset
  • Scroogle
  • SearchMe
  • Soso
  • Sputnik
  • Teoma
  • Viewzi
  • Vivisimo
  • Volunia
  • W3Catalog
  • Wikiseek
  • Yebol
  • Yippy
  • Yooz

You can also check list of search engines by content/topic, by data type, by model and by popularity.

These web search engines allow users to explore the vast amount of information available on the internet and retrieve relevant results based on their search queries.

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