America’s Top States for Business List 2023 – CNBC Top States for Business Rankings

America's Top States for Business List 2023 released by CNBC at, check CNBC top states for business ranking methodology, compare business climates & competitiveness of states in the United States

Americas Top States for Business List CNBC

America’s Top States for Business rankings revealed on 11th July 2023. CNBC Top States for Business List 2023 has been published at a new dedicated website The “Top States for Business” ranking is an annual assessment conducted by CNBC, a prominent business news network. The ranking evaluates and compares the business climates and competitiveness of different states in the United States based on a range of criteria.

You can check the methodology of determining CNBC Top States for Business List 2023, list revealed recently.

CNBC Top States for Business List 2023 (USA)

To rank America’s Top States for Business in 2023, CNBC scored all 50 states on 86 metrics in 10 broad categories of competitiveness. Each category is weighted based on how frequently states use them as a selling point in economic development marketing materials. That way, CNBC study ranks the states based on the attributes they use to sell themselves.

CNBC has developed their criteria and metrics in consultation with a diverse array of business and policy experts, and the states. This study is not an opinion survey. CNBC use data from a variety of sources to measure the states’ performance. Under ranking methodology, states can earn a maximum of 2,500 points. The states with the most are America’s Top States for Business.

Overall Rank State Name
1 North Carolina
2 Virginia
3 Tennessee
4 Georgia
5 Minnesota
6 Texas
7 Washington
8 Florida
9 Utah
10 Michigan
11 Colorado
12 Ohio
13 Indiana
14 Arizona
15 Massachusetts
15 Pennsylvania
17 Illinois
18 Delaware
19 New Jersey
20 New York
21 Oregon
22 Maryland
23 Iowa
23 Kansas
25 California
26 Idaho
27 South Carolina
28 Nebraska
29 Vermont
30 Nevada
31 Connecticut
32 Missouri
33 Wisconsin
34 South Dakota
35 Montana
36 North Dakota
37 Wyoming
38 Kentucky
39 Maine
40 New Hampshire
41 Oklahoma
42 Alabama
43 New Mexico
44 Arkansas
45 Rhode Island
46 West Virginia
47 Hawaii
48 Mississippi
49 Louisiana
50 Alaska

Check CNBC Top States for Business full ranking based on factors mentioned below through the link

America’s Top States for Business Ranking Methodology

America’s top state for business rankings are given since 2007. CNBC rate the states on the basis of the following:-

  1. Workforce (400 points) – The quality of the state’s labor pool, including education levels, workforce training programs, and availability of skilled workers.
  2. Infrastructure (390 points) – The state’s transportation networks, energy infrastructure, and access to broadband and other essential services.
  3. Economy (360 points) – The overall strength and growth potential of the state’s economy, including metrics like GDP, job creation, and business activity.
  4. Access to capital (50 points) – Availability of investment and financing options for businesses, including venture capital, small business loans, and access to banking services.
  5. Cost of doing business (290 points) – Factors such as taxes, utility costs, real estate expenses, and regulatory environment that impact the cost of operating a business.
  6. Innovation & Technology (270 points) – The presence of research institutions, tech incubators, patent activity, and other indicators of innovation and technology-driven growth.
  7. Business friendliness (215 points) – The regulatory environment and policies that affect businesses, such as ease of starting a business, government support, and legal framework.
  8. Life, health & inclusion (350 points)
  9. Education (125 points)
  10. Cost of living (50 points)

The official website to check CNBC’s 2023 America’s Top States for Business Rankings –

The rankings of America’s top states for business is given on the basis of points scored out of the total 2500 points.

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