America’s Richest Self Made Women List 2023 [Forbes]

America's richest self made women list 2023 published by Forbes magazine, check top 100 wealthiest woman ranking in USA based on net worth, also know age, source of income

Americas Richest Self Made Women List

America’s Richest Self Made Women List 2023 with name, net worth and source, check details about wealthiest 100 women in USA. Forbes has published an annual list of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” since 2015. The list features successful female entrepreneurs and executives who have built their fortunes through their own efforts and business ventures. This Forbes richest self made women list (top 100) is sorted on the basis of net worth and rankings are given accordingly.

In the America’s Richest self made women list published by Forbes, you can check what is the net worth of wealthiest women, what is their age, what is their source of income. At the official website, you can also sort this Forbes richest self made women list on the basis of age, source of income and state.

America’s Richest Self Made Women List 2023

America’s richest self made women list gives rankings to top 100 wealthiest women based on their net worth, check here.

Name (Age) Net Worth Source
Diane Hendricks (76) $15B Building Supplies
Judy Love & Family (85) $10.2B Gas Stations
Judy Faulkner (79) $7.4B Healthcare Software
Lynda Resnick (80) $5.3B Agriculture
Thai Lee (64) $4.8B IT Provider
Johnelle Hunt (91) $4.4B Trucking
Gail Miller (79) $4.2B Car Dealerships
Marian Ilitch (90) $4B Little Caesars Pizza
Elizabeth Uihlein (77) $3.7B Packaging Materials
Peggy Cherng (75) $3.1B Fast Food
Meg Whitman (66) $3B EBay
Eren Ozmen (64) $2.8B Aerospace
Oprah Winfrey (69) $2.5B TV Shows
Doris Fisher (91) $2.3B Gap
Jayshree Ullal (62) $2.2B Computer Networking
Elaine Wynn (81) $2.1B Casinos, Hotels
Sheryl Sandberg (53) $1.7B Facebook
Alice Schwartz (96) $1.7B Biotech
Safra Catz (61) $1.6B Software
Rihanna (35) $1.4B Music, Cosmetics
Kim Kardashian (42) $1.2B Shapewear, Skincare
Sara Blakely (52) $1.1B Spanx
Weili Dai (61) $1.1B Semiconductors
Tory Burch (56) $1B Fashion
Neerja Sethi (68) $990M IT Consulting, Outsourcing
Anne Dinning (60) $900M Hedge Funds
Gwynne Shotwell (59) $860M SpaceX
Sheila Johnson (74) $840M Cable TV, Hotels
Robyn Jones (60) $830M Insurance
Kit Crawford (64) $800M Clif Bar
Anastasia Soare (65) $790M Cosmetics
Susan Wojcicki (54) $780M Google
Marissa Mayer (48) $760M Google, Yahoo
April Anthony (56) $740M Healthcare
Lisa Su (53) $740M Semiconductors
Taylor Swift (33) $740M Music
Nancy Zimmerman (59) $730M Hedge Funds
Theresia Gouw (55) $680M Venture Capital
Kylie Jenner (25) $680M Cosmetics
Michelle Zatlyn (43) $680M Cybersecurity
Mary West (77) $610M Telemarketing
Janice Bryant Howroyd & Family (70) $600M Staffing
Martine Rothblatt (68) $600M Pharmaceuticals
Kathleen Hildreth (61) $590M Airplane Maintenance
Madonna (64) $580M Music
Jamie Kern Lima (45) $575M Cosmetics
Kendra Scott (49) $550M Jewelry
Beyonce Knowles (41) $540M Music
Victoria Zoellner (80) $530M Hedge Fund
Neha Narkhede (38) $520M Software
Caryn Seidman-Becker (50) $515M Airport Security
Donna Karan (74) $510M Fashion
Whitney Wolfe Herd (33) $510M Dating App
Palme M. Lopker (68) $500M Software
Young Sohn (64) $500M Software
Celine Dion (55) $480M Music
Judy Sheindlin (80) $480M Television Shows
Kathy Fields (65) $460M Skin Care
Dolly Parton (77) $440M Music, Investments
Reese Witherspoon (47) $440M Entertainment
Barbra Streisand (81) $430M Music
Sonia Gardner (61) $420M Finance
Danielle Steel (75) $420M Books
Nora Roberts (72) $410M Books
Katie Rodan (67) $410M Skin Care
Huda Kattan (39) $400M Cosmetics
Therese Tucker (61) $400M Software
Nichole Mustard (50) $390M Personal Finance
Jacqueline Reses (53) $390M Payments Softwares
Susan Wagner (62) $390M Asset Management
Christina Cacioppo (35) $385M Software
Liz Elting (57) $385M Translation Services
Ellen DeGeneres (65) $380M Television Shows
Paige Mycoskie (43) $380M Fashion
Daphne Koller (54) $365M Software
Lucy Guo (28) $360M Artificial Intelligence
Iman Abuzeid (38) $350M Healthcare Staffing
Doreen Granpeesheh (60) $350M Healthcare
Indra Nooyi (67) $350M PepsiCo
Pleasant Rawland (82) $350M American Girl Dolls
Toni Ko (50) $340M Cosmetics
Lynda Weinman (68) $340M Online Education
Patricia Gallup (69) $325M IT Reseller
Emma Grede (40) $320M Apparel
Patricia Miller (84) $320M Accessories
Rachel Romer (34) $320M Online Education
Ruth Porat (65) $310M Google
Donna Carpenter (59) $300M Snowboards
Serena Williams (41) $290M Tennis
Jenny Just (55) $280M Fintech
Anne Wojcicki (49) $270M DNA Testing
Julia Cheek (39) $260M Healthcare Tests
Phebe Novakovic (65) $260M Aerospace
Theresa Pan (77) $260M Fiber Optics
Adi Tatarko (50) $260M Home Design
Belinda Johnson (56) $250M Airbnb
Shonda Rhimes (53) $250M TV Shows
Betsy Cohen (81) $245M Banking, Investments
Cordia Harrington (70) $240M Bakeries
Nancy Whiteman (64) $225M Edible Marijuana

About Forbes Richest Self Made Women List

Books, Biometrics and Beauty products, these 100 entrepreneurs, executives and entertainers made their fortunes in every conceivable way. Bolstered in part by a rebound in the stock market, they are cumulatively worth a record $124 billion, up nearly 12% from a year ago. Building supply distributor Diane Hendricks remains No. 1 for the sixth year in a row, with a $15 billion net worth. Showrunner Shonda Rhimes and Insitro CEO Daphne Koller, whose firm is using AI to develop drugs more quickly, are among the eight newcomers.

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