130+ Literary Devices List – Check Tools For Better Writing, Communicate Ideas

130+ Literary Devices List for poetry, prose, repition, dialogue, word play with name & type, check tools used by writers for better writing & communicate ideas

Literary Devices List

Literary Devices list with name, type, check common literary devices useful in poetry, prose, repition, dialogue, word play and parallelism. Literary devices are techniques and structures used by writers to convey their message, create specific effects, and enhance the overall quality of their literary works. These devices add depth, complexity, and richness to the writing, making it more engaging and impactful for readers. Literary devices can be found in various forms of literature, including novels, poems, short stories, plays, and essays.

The literary devices list also includes rhetorical devices which are linguistic and literary techniques that writers and speakers use to convey meaning, evoke emotions, and persuade their audience. The rhetorical devices play with language, structure, expression to enhance the effectiveness of communication and are commonly used in literature, speeches, advertisements, and everyday conversation to create memorable and impactful messages.

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Literary Devices List

Name of Literary Device Type
Metaphor Common Literary Devices
Analogy Common Literary Devices
Simile Common Literary Devices
Imagery Common Literary Devices
Symbolism Common Literary Devices
Hyperbole Common Literary Devices
Irony Common Literary Devices
Congeries Common Literary Devices
Epistrophe Common Literary Devices
Erotesis Common Literary Devices
Juxtaposition Common Literary Devices
Paradox Common Literary Devices
Allusion Common Literary Devices
Allegory Common Literary Devices
Ekphrasis Common Literary Devices
Onomatopoeia Common Literary Devices
Pun Common Literary Devices
Anastrophe Common Literary Devices
Tautology Common Literary Devices
Anaphora Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Conceit Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Apostrophe Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Metonymy/Synecdoche Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Enjambment Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Zeugma Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Repetition Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Rhyme Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Alliteration Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Ambiguity Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Personification Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Denotation Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Cliche Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Connotation Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Contrast Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Consonance/Assonance Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Euphony/Cacophony Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Meter Common Literary Devices in Poetry
Parallel Plot Common Literary Devices in Prose
Foil Common Literary Devices in Prose
Diction Common Literary Devices in Prose
Mood Common Literary Devices in Prose
Foreshadowing Common Literary Devices in Prose
In Media Res Common Literary Devices in Prose
Dramatic Irony Common Literary Devices in Prose
Vignette Common Literary Devices in Prose
Flashback Common Literary Devices in Prose
Soliloquy Common Literary Devices in Prose
Anadiplosis Repetition Devices
Anaphora (prose) Repetition Devices
Antanaclasis Repetition Devices
Antimetabole Repetition Devices
Antistrophe Repetition Devices
Chiasmus Repetition Devices
Epanalepsis Repetition Devices
Epimone Repetition Devices
Epizeuxis Repetition Devices
Polyptoton Repetition Devices
Symploce Repetition Devices
Colloquialism Dialogue Literary Devices
Vernacular Dialogue Literary Devices
Dialect Dialogue Literary Devices
Slang Dialogue Literary Devices
Jargon Dialogue Literary Devices
Idiom Dialogue Literary Devices
Euphemism Dialogue Literary Devices
Proverb Dialogue Literary Devices
Neologism Dialogue Literary Devices
Anthimeria Word Play Devices
Double Entendre Word Play Devices
Kenning Word Play Devices
Malapropism Word Play Devices
Metalepsis Word Play Devices
Oxymoron Word Play Devices
Palindrome Word Play Devices
Paraprosdokian Word Play Devices
Portmanteau Word Play Devices
Spoonerism Word Play Devices
Grammatical parallelism Parallelism Devices
Rhetorical parallelism Parallelism Devices
Synthetic parallelism Parallelism Devices
Antithetical parallelism Parallelism Devices
Synonymous parallelism Parallelism Devices
Kairos Rhetorical Devices
Ethos Rhetorical Devices
Logos Rhetorical Devices
Pathos Rhetorical Devices
Anacoluthon Rhetorical Devices
Antithesis Rhetorical Devices
Asyndeton Rhetorical Devices
Hypallage Rhetorical Devices
Hyperbaton Rhetorical Devices
Hypotaxis Rhetorical Devices
Parataxis Rhetorical Devices
Polysyndeton Rhetorical Devices
Synesis Rhetorical Devices
Accismus Rhetorical Devices
Anecdote Rhetorical Devices
Antanagoge Rhetorical Devices
Aporia Rhetorical Devices
Bdelygmia Rhetorical Devices
Enthymeme Rhetorical Devices
Hypophora Rhetorical Devices
Procatalepsis Rhetorical Devices
Reductio ad Absurdum Rhetorical Devices
Syllogism Rhetorical Devices
Adynaton Rhetorical Devices
Amplification Rhetorical Devices
Antiphrasis Rhetorical Devices
Asterismos Rhetorical Devices
Litotes Rhetorical Devices
Meiosis Rhetorical Devices
Metanoia Rhetorical Devices
Paralipsis Rhetorical Devices
Overstatement Rhetorical Devices
Tmesis Rhetorical Devices
Adnomination Rhetorical Devices
Aposiopesis Rhetorical Devices
Circumlocution Rhetorical Devices
Dysphemism Rhetorical Devices
Ellipsis Rhetorical Devices
Isocolon Rhetorical Devices
Pleonasm Rhetorical Devices
Exposition Narrative Devices
Frame Story Narrative Devices
Point of View Narrative Devices
Tone Narrative Devices
Tragicomedy Narrative Devices
Anthropomorphism Narrative Devices
Aphorism Narrative Devices
Archetype Narrative Devices
Non Sequitur Narrative Devices
Satire Narrative Devices
Zoomorphism Narrative Devices

What are Literary Devices

Literary devices are tools that writers use to enhance their writing and communicate ideas effectively. They go beyond the basic use of language and structure, adding layers of meaning, depth, and artistic flair to a text. These devices are crucial in creating engaging and impactful literary works, whether they’re novels, poems, plays, or other forms of literature.

Some key categories of literary devices includes Figurative Language, Sound Devices, Structural Devices, Narrative Devices, Rhetorical Devices and Descriptive Devices. These devices offer writers a wide array of creative tools to engage readers, evoke emotions, and convey complex ideas. Mastering the use of literary devices allows authors to craft texts that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impact on their audience.

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