List of 3000 Hit Club Members – Check Player Name with Date & Type of 3,000th Hit

3000 Hit Club List with player names, seasons played in major league baseball (MLB), total hits of batter, team name, check date and type of hit by 3,000 hit club members

3000 Hit Club List

3000 Hit Club List with player name, seasons played in major leagues, total hits of batter, team name, check date and type of 3,000th hit. The list of 3000 club members is the group of 33 batters who have collected 3,000 or more regular-season hits in their careers in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Players achieving the milestone of 3000 hits are long considered as the greatest and superior in bat handling. Featuring in the 3,000 hit club list is often described as a guarantee of eventual entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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List of 3000 Hit Club Members

Player Name, Season Total Hits of Batter Team Name, Date, Type of 3,000th Hit
Pete Rose (1963-1986) 4,256 Cincinnati Reds, 5 May 1978, Single
Ty Cobb (1905-1928) 4189 Detroit Tigers, 19 August 1921, Single
Hank Aaron (1954-1976) 3771 Atlanta Braves, 17 May 1970, Single
Stan Musial (1941-1944, 1946-1963) 3630 St. Louis Cardinals, 13 May 1958, Double
Tris Speaker (1907-1928) 3514 Cleveland Indians, 17 May 1925, Single
Derek Jeter (1995-2014) 3465 New York Yankees, 9 July 2011, Home run
Honus Wagner (1897-1917) 3430 Pittsburgh Pirates, 9 June 1914, Double
Carl Yastrzemski (1961-1983) 3419 Boston Red Sox, 12 September 1979, Single
Albert Pujols (2001-2022) 3384 Los Angeles Angels, 4 May 2018, Single
Paul Molitor (1978-1998) 3319 Minnesota Twins, 16 September 1996, Triple
Eddie Collins (1906-1930) 3314 Chicago White Sox, 3 June 1925, Single
Willie Mays (1948, 1951-1952, 1954-1973) 3293 San Francisco Giants, 3 July 1970, Single
Eddie Murray (1977-1997) 3255 Cleveland Indians, 30 June 1995, Single
Nap Lajoie (1896-1916) 3252 Cleveland Naps, 27 September 1914, Double
Cal Ripken Jr. (1981-2001) 3184 Baltimore Orioles, 15 April 2000, Single
Adrián Beltré (1998-2018) 3166 Texas Rangers, 30 July 2017, Double
George Brett (1973-1993) 3154 Kansas City Royals, 30 September 1992, Single
Paul Waner (1926-1945) 3152 Boston Braves, 19 June 1942, Single
Robin Yount (1974-1993) 3142 Milwaukee Brewers, 9 September 1992, Single
Tony Gwynn (1982-2001) 3141 San Diego Padres, 6 August 1999, Single
Miguel Cabrera (2003-present) 3137 Detroit Tigers, 23 April 2022, Single
Alex Rodriguez (1994-2013, 2015-2016) 3115 New York Yankees, 19 June 2015, Home run
Dave Winfield (1973-1995) 3110 Minnesota Twins, 16 September 1993, Single
Ichiro Suzuki (2001-2019) 3089 Miami Marlins, 7 August 2016, Triple
Craig Biggio (1988-2007) 3060 Houston Astros, 28 June 2007, Single
Rickey Henderson (1979-2003) 3055 San Diego Padres, 7 October 2001, Double
Rod Carew (1967-1985) 3053 California Angels, 4 August 1985, Single
Lou Brock (1961-1979) 3023 St. Louis Cardinals, 13 August 1979, Single
Rafael Palmeiro (1986-2005) 3020 Baltimore Orioles, 15 July 2005, Double
Cap Anson (1871-1897) 3011 Chicago Colts, 18 July 1897, Single
Wade Boggs (1982-1999) 3010 Tampa Bay Devil Rays, 7 August 1999, Home run
Al Kaline (1953-1974) 3007 Detroit Tigers, 24 September 1974, Double
Roberto Clemente (1955-1972) 3000 Pittsburgh Pirates, 30 September 1972, Double

About 3,000 Hit Club of MLB

The 3000 Hit Club is an exclusive group of Major League Baseball (MLB) players who have achieved the milestone of recording 3,000 or more career base hits. Hitting 3,000 hits is considered a significant accomplishment and is a testament to a player’s consistency, longevity, and skill in the sport of baseball.

Reaching 3,000 hits is a rare feat, and it places players among the greatest hitters in baseball history. As of my last update in September 2021, there were 32 players who had accomplished this milestone. However, it’s important to note that the composition of the 3000 Hit Club might have changed since then, as new players could have reached the milestone in the subsequent seasons.

Some of the most iconic members of the 3000 Hit Club include legends like Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, and Derek Jeter. These players have left an indelible mark on the game of baseball and have become revered figures in the sport’s history.

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Facts about 3000 Hit Club Members

Here are a few noteworthy facts about the 3000 Hit Club:-

  • Pete Rose holds the record for the most career hits in MLB history with 4,256 hits. However, Rose is not eligible for the Hall of Fame due to his lifetime ban from baseball for gambling-related offenses.
  • Ty Cobb, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, amassed 4,189 hits during his career.
  • Derek Jeter, who spent his entire career with the New York Yankees, retired with 3,465 hits, the most by any player in the 21st century.
  • Ichiro Suzuki achieved 3,089 hits in MLB, and when combined with his hits from his professional career in Japan, his total hits surpass 4,300, making him one of the most accomplished hitters in the history of baseball.

The 3000 Hit Club is not just about power hitters; it also includes players known for their speed and ability to hit for average. Being a member of the 3000 Hit Club is often considered a ticket to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The milestone represents a player’s consistency and excellence over an extended period, and it is one of the most celebrated achievements in the world of baseball.

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