MLB Perfect Games List – Check List of Pitchers with Perfect Games Since 1880

All time MLB perfect games list with team name, pitcher, strikeouts, date, game details, check list of 24 perfect games in Major League Baseball since 1880

MLB Perfect Games List

List of MLB perfect games with team name, pitcher name & type, strikeouts, date and game details, check all perfect games list since 1880. A perfect game in Major League Baseball (MLB) occurs when a pitcher retires every batter he faces without allowing any opposing player to reach base. This means that no batter reaches base through a hit, walk, hit-by-pitch, or error. It is an extremely rare and remarkable feat in baseball. Over the 140 years of MLB history with over 235,500 games played, there have been 24 official perfect games by the current definition since 1880. No pitcher has ever thrown more than one. Read this article to check complete list of perfect games of all time.

The first two major league perfect games, and the only two of the premodern era, were thrown in 1880, five days apart. The frequency of perfect games has increased significantly since 1981. Fifteen perfect games were thrown in the 44 seasons from 1980 through 2023, while only nine were thrown in the 100-plus prior seasons. There were three perfect games in 2012; the only other year of the modern era in which as many as two were thrown was 2010. By contrast, there have been spans of 23 and 33 consecutive seasons in which no perfect game was thrown.

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MLB Perfect Games List (All 24)

Pitcher Date Game Details
Lee Richmond (Wor),
LHP, 23
5 K
June 12, 1880 Cleveland Blues, 0 at Worcester Worcesters, 1
Venue: Worcester Agricultural Fairgrounds
Attendance: n.a.
Time: 1:26
Caught by: Charlie Bennett
Umpired by: Foghorn Bradley
John Montgomery Ward (Prov)
RHP, 20
5 K
June 17, 1880 Providence Grays, 5 vs. Buffalo Bisons, 0
Venue: Messer Street Grounds
Attendance: n.a.
Time: n.a.
Caught by: Emil Gross
Umpired by: Charles F. Daniels
Cy Young (BOS)
RHP, 37
8 K
May 5, 1904 Philadelphia Athletics, 0 at Boston Americans, 3
Venue: Huntington Avenue Grounds, day game
Attendance: 10,267
Time: 1:25
Caught by: Lou Criger
Umpired by: Frank Dwyer
Addie Joss (CLE)
RHP, 28
74 pitches, 3 K
October 2, 1908 Chicago White Sox, 0 at Cleveland Naps, 1
Venue: League Park, day game
Attendance: 10,598
Time: 1:32
Caught by: Nig Clarke
Umpired by: Tommy Connolly
Charlie Robertson (CHW)
RHP, 26
90 pitches, 6 K
April 30, 1922 Chicago White Sox, 2 at Detroit Tigers, 0
Venue: Navin Field, day game
Attendance: 25,000
Time: 1:55
Caught by: Ray Schalk
Umpires: [HP: Dick Nallin & 2B: Billy Evans]
Don Larsen (NYY)
RHP, 27
97 pitches, 7 K
October 8, 1956 Brooklyn Dodgers, 0 at New York Yankees, 2
Venue: Yankee Stadium, day game (Game 5 of the World Series)
Attendance: 64,519
Time: 2:06
Caught by: Yogi Berra
Umpires: [HP: Babe Pinelli, 1B: Hank Soar, 2B: Dusty Boggess, 3B: Larry Napp, LF: Tom Gorman, RF: Ed Runge]
Jim Bunning (PHI)
RHP, 32
90 pitches, 10 K
June 21, 1964 Philadelphia Phillies, 6 at New York Mets, 0
Venue: Shea Stadium, day game (first game of doubleheader)
Attendance: 32,026
Time: 2:19
Caught by: Gus Triandos
Umpires: [HP: Ed Sudol, 1B: Paul Pryor, 2B: Frank Secory, 3B: Ken Burkhart]
Sandy Koufax (LAD)
LHP, 29
113 pitches, 14 K
September 9, 1965 Chicago Cubs, 0 at Los Angeles Dodgers, 1
Venue: Dodger Stadium, night game
Attendance: 29,139
Time: 1:43
Caught by: Jeff Torborg
Umpires: [HP: Ed Vargo, 1B: Chris Pelekoudas, 2B: Bill Jackowski, 3B: Paul Pryor]
Catfish Hunter (OAK)
RHP, 22
107 pitches, 11 K
May 8, 1968 Minnesota Twins, 0 at Oakland Athletics, 4
Venue: Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum, night game
Attendance: 6,298
Time: 2:28
Caught by: Jim Pagliaroni
Umpires: [HP: Jerry Neudecker, 1B: Larry Napp, 2B: Al Salerno, 3B: Bill Haller]
Len Barker (CLE)
RHP, 25
103 pitches, 11 K
May 15, 1981 Toronto Blue Jays, 0 at Cleveland Indians, 3
Venue: Cleveland Stadium, night game
Attendance: 7,290
Time: 2:09
Caught by: Ron Hassey (1)
Umpires: [HP: Rich Garcia, 1B: Greg Kosc, 2B: Don Denkinger, 3B: Jim McKean]
Mike Witt (CAL)
RHP, 24
94 pitches, 10 K
September 30, 1984 California Angels, 1 at Texas Rangers, 0
Venue: Arlington Stadium, day game
Attendance: 8,375
Time: 1:49
Caught by: Bob Boone
Umpires: [HP: Greg Kosc, 1B: Ted Hendry, 2B: Drew Coble, 3B: Jim Evans]
Tom Browning (CIN)
LHP, 28
100 pitches, 7 K
September 16, 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers, 0 at Cincinnati Reds, 1
Venue: Riverfront Stadium, night game
Attendance: 16,591
Time: 1:51
Caught by: Jeff Reed
Umpires: [HP: Jim Quick, 1B: Mark Hirschbeck, 2B: John Kibler, 3B: Eric Gregg]
Dennis Martínez (MON)
RHP, 36
95 pitches, 5 K
July 28, 1991 Montreal Expos, 2 at Los Angeles Dodgers, 0
Venue: Dodger Stadium, day game
Attendance: 45,560
Time: 2:14
Caught by: Ron Hassey (2)
Umpires: [HP: Larry Poncino, 1B: Bruce Froemming, 2B: Dana DeMuth, 3B: Greg Bonin]
Kenny Rogers (TEX)
LHP, 29
98 pitches, 8 K
July 28, 1994 California Angels, 0 at Texas Rangers, 4
Venue: The Ballpark in Arlington, night game
Attendance: 46,581
Time: 2:08
Caught by: Iván Rodríguez
Umpires: [HP: Ed Bean, 1B: Don Denkinger, 2B: John Shulock, 3B: Tim Tschida]
David Wells (NYY)
LHP, 34
120 pitches, 11 K
May 17, 1998 Minnesota Twins, 0 at New York Yankees, 4
Venue: Yankee Stadium, day game
Attendance: 49,820
Time: 2:40
Caught by: Jorge Posada
Umpires: [HP: Tim McClelland, 1B: John Hirschbeck, 2B: Rich Garcia, 3B: Mike Reilly]
David Cone (NYY)
RHP, 36
88 pitches, 10 K
July 18, 1999 Montreal Expos, 0 at New York Yankees, 6
Venue: Yankee Stadium, day game
Attendance: 41,930
Time: 2:16 (with a 33-minute rain delay)
Caught by: Joe Girardi
Umpires: [HP: Ted Barrett, 1B: Larry McCoy, 2B: Jim Evans, 3B: Chuck Meriwether]
Randy Johnson (ARI)
LHP, 40
117 pitches, 13 K
May 18, 2004 Arizona Diamondbacks, 2 at Atlanta Braves, 0
Venue: Turner Field, night game
Attendance: 23,381
Time: 2:13
Caught by: Robby Hammock
Umpires: [HP: Greg Gibson, 1B: Bruce Dreckman, 2B: Gerry Davis, 3B: Larry Poncino]
Mark Buehrle (CHW)
LHP, 30
116 pitches, 6 K
July 23, 2009 Tampa Bay Rays, 0 at Chicago White Sox, 5
Venue: U.S. Cellular Field, day game
Attendance: 28,036
Time: 2:03
Caught by: Ramón Castro
Umpires: [HP: Eric Cooper, 1B: Mike Reilly, 2B: Chuck Meriwether, 3B: Laz Díaz]
Dallas Braden (OAK)
LHP, 26
109 pitches, 6 K
May 9, 2010 Tampa Bay Rays, 0 at Oakland Athletics, 4
Venue: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, day game
Attendance: 12,288
Time: 2:07
Caught by: Landon Powell
Umpires: [HP: Jim Wolf, 1B: Derryl Cousins, 2B: Jim Joyce, 3B: Todd Tichenor]
Roy Halladay (PHI)
RHP, 33
115 pitches, 11 K
May 29, 2010 Philadelphia Phillies, 1 at Florida Marlins, 0
Venue: Sun Life Stadium, night game
Attendance: 25,086
Time: 2:13
Caught by: Carlos Ruiz
Umpires: [HP: Mike DiMuro, 1B: Tim Welke, 2B: Jim Reynolds, 3B: Bill Welke]
Philip Humber (CHW)
RHP, 29
96 pitches, 9 K
April 21, 2012 Chicago White Sox, 4 at Seattle Mariners, 0
Venue: Safeco Field, day game
Attendance: 22,472
Time: 2:17
Caught by: A. J. Pierzynski
Umpires: [HP: Brian Runge, 1B: Marvin Hudson, 2B: Tim McClelland, 3B: Ted Barrett]
Matt Cain (SF)
RHP, 27
125 pitches, 14 K
June 13, 2012 Houston Astros, 0 at San Francisco Giants, 10
Venue: AT&T Park, night game
Attendance: 42,298
Time: 2:36
Caught by: Buster Posey
Umpires: [HP: Ted Barrett, 1B: Mike Muchlinski, 2B: Angel Campos, 3B: Brian Runge]
Félix Hernández (SEA)
RHP, 26
113 pitches, 12 K
August 15, 2012 Tampa Bay Rays, 0 at Seattle Mariners, 1
Venue: Safeco Field, day game
Attendance: 21,889
Time: 2:22
Caught by: John Jaso
Umpires: [HP: Rob Drake, 1B: Joe West, 2B: Sam Holbrook, 3B: Andy Fletcher]
Domingo Germán (NYY)
RHP, 30
99 pitches, 9 K
June 28, 2023 New York Yankees, 11 at Oakland Athletics, 0
Venue: Oakland Coliseum, night game
Attendance: 12,479
Time: 2:30
Caught by: Kyle Higashioka
Umpires: [HP: Edwin Moscoso, 1B: Nate Tomlinson, 2B: Jordan Baker, 3B: Chris Guccione]

In the table above for MLB perfect games, LHP and RHP denotes pitcher type i.e whether a person is left hand pitcher or right hand pitcher. The numbers after LHP/RHP denotes the age of the pitcher while the letter “K” denotes the number of strikeouts in the game.

What is a Perfect Game in MLB

In baseball, a perfect game is a game in which one or more pitchers complete a minimum of nine innings with no batter from the opposing team reaching any base. To achieve a perfect game, a team must not allow any opposing player to reach base by any means: no hits, walks, hit batsmen, uncaught third strikes, catcher’s or fielder’s interference, or fielding errors which allow a batter to reach base.

A perfect game, by definition, is also a no-hitter, a win, and a shutout. A fielding error that does not allow a batter to reach base, such as a misplayed foul ball, does not spoil a perfect game. Games that last fewer than nine innings, regardless of cause, in which a team has no baserunners do not qualify as perfect games. Games in which a team reaches first base only in extra innings also do not qualify as perfect games.

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