MLB Draft 2023 List, Order – Check Top Picks through MLB Draft Tracker

MLB Draft list 2023 of players selected by Major league baseball teams, check top picks in latest draft through MLB draft tracker, check MLB Draft 2023 order

MLB Draft List

MLB Draft 2023 list of players with team names, check top picks in order through MLB draft tracker. The Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft is an annual event in which MLB teams select amateur baseball players to join their organizations. The draft is the primary mechanism by which teams acquire new talent for their minor league systems and, eventually, their major league rosters.

The MLB Draft consists of multiple rounds, with each team having a selection in each round. It primarily includes players who are not currently on any MLB team’s roster. Eligible players typically include high school graduates, college players, and international players who meet certain age and residency requirements.

Players who sign professional contracts after being drafted are typically assigned to one of the team’s minor league affiliates. The level of the minor league team to which a player is assigned depends on various factors, including the player’s skill level, development needs, and organizational strategy.

MLB Draft List 2023

MLB draft list of players in order can now be checked here.

First Round

  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Paul Skenes, RHP, Louisiana State (LSU)
  • Washington Nationals – Dylan Crews, OF, LSU
  • Detroit Tigers – Max Clark, CF, Franklin (Ind.) HS
  • Texas Rangers – Wyatt Langford, OF, Florida
  • Minnesota Twins – Walker Jenkins, OF, South Brunswick HS, Southport, N.C.
  • Oakland Athletics – Jacob Wilson, SS, Grand Canyon
  • Cincinnati Reds – Rhett Lowder, RHP, Wake Forest
  • Kansas City Royals – Blake Mitchell, C, Sinton (Texas) HS
  • Colorado Rockies – Chase Dollander, RHP, Tennessee
  • Miami Marlins – Noble Meyer, RHP, Jesuit HS, Portland, Ore.
  • Los Angeles Angels – Nolan Schanuel, 1B, Florida Atlantic University
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Tommy Troy, SS, Stanford
  • Chicago Cubs – Matt Shaw, SS, Maryland
  • Boston Red Sox – Kyle Teel, C, Virginia
  • Chicago White Sox – Jacob Gonzalez, SS, Mississippi
  • San Francisco Giants – Bryce Eldridge, 1B/RHP, Madison HS, Vienna, Va.
  • Baltimore Orioles – Enrique Bradfield Jr., OF, Vanderbilt
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Brock Wilken, 3B, Wake Forest
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Brayden Taylor, 3B, Texas Christian
  • Toronto Blue Jays – Arjun Nimmala, SS, Strawberry Crest HS, Dover, Fla.
  • St. Louis Cardinals – Chase Davis, OF, Arizona
  • Seattle Mariners – Colt Emerson, SS/3B, Glenn HS, New Concord, Ohio
  • Cleveland Guardians – Ralphy Velasquez, 1B/C, Huntington Beach (Calif.) HS
  • Atlanta Braves – Hurston Waldrep, RHP, Florida
  • San Diego Padres – Dillon Head, OF, Homewood-Flossmoor HS (Ill.)
  • New York Yankees – George Lombard Jr., SS/3B, Gulliver Prep, Pinecrest, Fla.
  • Philadelphia Phillies – Aidan Miller, SS, Mitchell HS, New Port Richey, Fla.
  • Houston Astros – Brice Matthews, SS, Nebraska

Prospect Promotion Incentive Picks

If a player who was rated as a preseason Top 100 prospect by MLB Pipeline, Baseball America, and/or ESPN (at least two of the three) and was on his team’s Opening Day roster goes on to win the Rookie of the Year Award, the club is awarded a Prospect Promotion Incentive pick after the first round.

— Seattle Mariners – Jonny Farmelo, OF, Westfield HS, Chantilly, Va.

Received for Julio Rodríguez winning Rookie of the Year.

Competitive Balance Round A

All teams that have either one of the 10 smallest markets or 10 smallest revenue pools receive an additional pick at the end of the first or second round. The groups of teams alternate between the two rounds each year. Competitive Balance picks may be traded and are not subject to forfeiture.

  • Seattle Mariners – Tai Peete, SS, Trinity Christian HS, Sharpsburg, Ga.
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Adrian Santana, SS, Doral Academy HS (Fla.)
  • New York Mets (The Mets’ first pick dropped 10 spots because they exceeded the competitive balance tax threshold by more than $40 million.) – Colin Houck, SS, Parkview HS, Lilburn, Ga.
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Josh Knoth, RHP, Patchogue-Medford HS (N.Y.)
  • Minnesota Twins – Charlee Soto, RHP, Reborn Christian Academy, Kissimmee, Fla.
  • Miami Marlins – Thomas White, LHP, Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (The Dodgers’ first pick dropped 10 spots because they exceeded the competitive balance tax threshold by more than $40 million) – Kendall George, OF, Atascocita HS, Texas
  • Detroit Tigers – Kevin McGonigle, SS, Monsignor Bonner HS, Drexel Hill, Pa.
  • Cincinnati Reds – Ty Floyd, RHP, LSU
  • Oakland Athletics – Myles Naylor, 3B, St. Joan of Arc Catholic SS, Ontario, Canada

Second Round

The Angels, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Cubs, Padres, Phillies, Rangers and Yankees forfeited their second-round picks as a result of signing qualified free agents.

  • Washington Nationals – Yohandy Morales, 3B, Miami
  • Oakland Athletics – Ryan Lasko, OF, Rutgers
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Mitch Jebb, SS, Michigan State
  • Cincinnati Reds – Sammy Stafura, SS, Walter Panas HS (N.Y.)
  • Kansas City Royals – Blake Wolters, RHP, Mahomet-Seymour HS (Ill.)
  • Detroit Tigers – Max Anderson, 2B, Nebraska
  • Colorado Rockies – Sean Sullivan, LHP, Wake Forest
  • Miami Marlins – Kemp Alderman, OF, Ole Miss
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Gino Groover, 3B, NC State
  • Minnesota Twins – Luke Keaschall, 2B, Arizona State
  • Boston Red Sox – Nazzan Zanetello, SS, Christian Brothers College HS (Mo.)
  • Chicago White Sox – Grant Taylor, RHP, LSU
  • San Francisco Giants – Walker Martin, SS, Easton HS (Colo.)
  • Baltimore Orioles – Mac Horvath, OF, North Carolina
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Mike Boeve, 3B, Nebraska-Omaha
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Colton Ledbetter, OF, Mississippi State
  • New York Mets – Brandon Sproat, RHP, Florida
  • Seattle Mariners – Ben Williamson, 3B, William & Mary
  • Cleveland Guardians – Alex Clemmey, LHP, Bishop Hendricken School HS, R.I.
  • Atlanta Braves – Drue Hackenberg, RHP, Virginia Tech
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – Jake Gelof, 3B, Virginia
  • Houston Astros – Alonzo Tredwell, RHP, UCLA

Competitive Balance Round B

  • Cleveland Guardians – Andrew Walters, RHP, Miami
  • Baltimore Orioles – Jackson Baumeister, RHP, Florida State
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Caden Grice, LHP, Clemson
  • Colorado Rockies – Cole Carrigg, C, San Diego State
  • Kansas City Royals – Carson Roccaforte, OF, Louisiana-Lafayette
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Zander Mueth, RHP, Belleville East HS (IL)

Compensation picks after Competitive Balance Round B

If a team that loses a qualifying free agent does not receive revenue sharing and did not exceed the luxury-tax salary threshold the previous season, it is awarded a compensatory pick after Competitive Balance Round B.

  • Chicago Cubs (Compensation for Willson Contreras. The Cardinals forfeited their second-round pick for signing Contreras) – Jaxon Wiggins, RHP, Arkansas
  • San Francisco Giants (Compensation for Carlos Rodón. The Yankees forfeited their second-round and fifth-round picks for signing Rodón) – Joe Whitman, LHP, Kent State
  • Atlanta Braves (Compensation for Dansby Swanson. The Cubs forfeited their second-round pick for signing Swanson) – Cade Kuehler, RHP, Campbell

Third Round

The Rangers forfeited their third-round selection as a result of signing a qualified free agent.

  • Washington Nationals – Travis Sykora, RHP, Round Rock (Texas) HS
  • Oakland Athletics – Steven Echavarria, RHP, Millburn HS (NJ)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Garret Forrester, 3B, Oregon State (OR)
  • Cincinnati Reds – Hunter Hollan, LHP, Arkansas (AR)
  • Kansas City Royals – Hiro Wyatt, RHP, Staples HS (CT)
  • Detroit Tigers – Paul Wilson, LHP, Lakeridge HS (Ore.)
  • Colorado Rockies – Jack Mahoney, RHP, South Carolina (SC)
  • Miami Marlins – Brock Vradenburg, 1B, Michigan State (MI)
  • Los Angeles Angels – Alberto Rios, 3B, Stanford (CA)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Jack Hurley, OF, Virginia Tech (VA)
  • Chicago Cubs – Josh Rivera, SS, Florida (FL)
  • Minnesota Twins – Brandon Winokur, OF, Edison HS (CA)
  • Boston Red Sox – Antonio Anderson, SS, North Atlanta HS (GA)
  • Chicago White Sox – Seth Keener, RHP, Wake Forest (NC)
  • San Francisco Giants – Cole Foster, SS, Auburn (AL)
  • Baltimore Orioles – Kiefer Lord, RHP, Washington (WA)
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Eric Bitonti, SS, Aquinas HS (CA)
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Tre’ Morgan, 1B, LSU
  • Toronto Blue Jays – Juaron Watts-Brown, RHP, Oklahoma State (OK)
  • St. Louis Cardinals – Travis Honeyman, OF, Boston College (MA)
  • New York Mets – Nolan McLean, TWP, Oklahoma State (OK)
  • Seattle Mariners – Teddy McGraw, RHP, Wake Forest (NC)
  • Cleveland Guardians – C.J. Kayfus, OF, Miami (FL)
  • Atlanta Braves – Sabin Ceballos, SS, Oregon (OR)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – Brady Smith, RHP, Grainger HS (TN)
  • San Diego Padres – J.D. Gonzalez, C, Anita Otero Hernandez HS (PR)
  • New York Yankees – Kyle Carr, LHP, Palomar College (CA)
  • Philadelphia Phillies – Devin Saltiban, SS, Hilo HS (HI)
  • Houston Astros – Jake Bloss, RHP, Georgetown (DC)
  • Baltimore Orioles (Compensation for unsigned 2022 third-rounder Nolan McLean.) – Tavian Josenberger, OF, Arkansas (AR)
  • New York Mets (Compensation for unsigned 2022 third-rounder Brandon Sproat.) – Kade Morris, RHP, Nevada (NV)

Fourth Round

  • Washington Nationals – Andrew Pinckney, OF, Alabama (AL)
  • Oakland Athletics – Cole Miller, RHP, Newbury Park HS (CA)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Carlson Reed, RHP, West Virginia (WV)
  • Cincinnati Reds – Cole Schoenwetter, RHP, San Marcos (Calif.) HS
  • Kansas City Royals – Hunter Owen, LHP, Vanderbilt
  • Detroit Tigers – Carson Rucker, 3B, Goodpasture Christian School (TN)
  • Texas Rangers – Skylar Hales, RHP, Santa Clara (CA)
  • Colorado Rockies – Isaiah Coupet, LHP, Ohio State (OH)
  • Miami Marlins – Emmett Olson, LHP, Nebraska (NE)
  • Los Angeles Angels – Joe Redfield, OF, Sam Houston (TX)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Grayson Hitt, LHP, Alabama (AL)
  • Chicago Cubs – Will Sanders, RHP, South Carolina (SC)
  • Minnesota Twins – Tanner Hall, RHP, Southern Mississippi (MS)
  • Boston Red Sox – Matt Duffy, RHP, Canisius College (NY)
  • Chicago White Sox – Calvin Harris, C, Ole Miss (MS)
  • San Francisco Giants – Maui Ahuna, SS, Tennessee
  • Baltimore Orioles – Levi Wells, RHP, Texas State (TX)
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Jason Woodward, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast University (FL)
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Hunter Haas, SS, Texas A&M (TX)
  • Toronto Blue Jays – Landen Maroudis, RHP, Calvary Christian (Fla.) HS
  • St. Louis Cardinals – Quinn Matthews, LHP, Stanford
  • New York Mets – Wyatt Hudepohl, RHP, UNC Charlotte (NC)
  • Seattle Mariners – Aidan Smith, OF, Lovejoy HS (TX)
  • Cleveland Guardians – Cooper Ingle, C, Clemson (SC)
  • Atlanta Braves – Garrett Baumann, RHP, Hagerty HS (FL)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – Wyatt Crowell, LHP, Florida State (FL)
  • San Diego Padres – Homer Bush Jr., OF, Grand Canyon
  • New York Yankees – Roc Riggio, 2B, Oklahoma State (OK)
  • Philadelphia Phillies – TayShaun Walton, OF, IMG Academy (FL)
  • Houston Astros – Cam Fisher, OF, UNC Charlotte (NC)

Compensation picks after 4th Round

If a team that loses a qualifying free agent does not receive revenue sharing and did exceed the luxury-tax salary threshold the previous season, it is awarded a compensatory pick after the fourth round.

  • Boston Red Sox (Compensation for Xander Bogaerts. The Padres forfeited their second-round and fifth-round picks for signing Bogaerts.) – Kristian Campbell, SS, Georgia Tech (GA)
  • Boston Red Sox (Compensation for Nathan Eovaldi. The Rangers forfeited their fourth-round pick for signing Eovaldi.) – Justin Riemer, SS, Wright State (OH)
  • New York Mets (Compensation for Jacob deGrom. The Rangers forfeited their second-round pick for signing deGrom.) – A.J. Ewing, SS, Springboro HS (OH)
  • New York Mets (Compensation for Chris Bassitt. The Blue Jays forfeited their second-round pick for signing Bassitt.) – Austin Troesser, RHP, Missouri (MO)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (Compensation for Tyler Anderson. The Angels forfeited their second-round pick for signing Anderson.) – Dylan Campbell, OF, Texas (TX)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (Compensation for Trea Turner. The Phillies forfeited their second-round and fifth-round picks for signing Turner.) – Eriq Swan, RHP, Middle Tennessee State (TN)

Fifth Round

The Phillies, Padres and Yankees forfeited their fifth-round selections as a result of signing qualified free agents.

  • Washington Nationals – Marcus Brown, SS, Oklahoma State (OK)
  • Oakland Athletics – Nathan Dettmer, RHP, Texas A&M (TX)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Patrick Reilly, RHP, Vanderbilt (TN)
  • Cincinnati Reds – Connor Burns, C, Long Beach State
  • Kansas City Royals – Spencer Nivens, OF, Missouri State (MO)
  • Detroit Tigers – Jaden Hamm, RHP, Middle Tennessee State (TN)
  • Texas Rangers – Alejandro Rosario, RHP, Miami (FL)
  • Colorado Rockies – Kyle Karros, 3B, UCLA
  • Miami Marlins – Andrew Lindsey, RHP, Tennessee (TN)
  • Los Angeles Angels – Chris Clark, RHP, Harvard (MA)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Kevin Sim, 3B, San Diego
  • Chicago Cubs – Michael Carico, C, Davidson
  • Minnesota Twins – Dylan Questad, RHP, Waterford HS (WI)
  • Boston Red Sox – Connelly Early, LHP, Virginia (VA)
  • Chicago White Sox – Christian Oppor, LHP, Gulf Coast CC (FL)
  • San Francisco Giants – Quinn McDaniel, 2B, University of Maine (ME)
  • Baltimore Orioles – Jake Cunningham, OF, UNC Charlotte (NC)
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Ryan Birchard, RHP, Niagara County CC (NY)
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Trevor Harrison, RHP, J.W. Mitchell HS (FL)
  • Toronto Blue Jays – Connor O’Halloran, LHP, Michigan (MI)
  • St. Louis Cardinals – Zach Levenson, OF, Miami (FL)
  • New York Mets – Zach Thornton, LHP, Grand Canyon University (AZ)
  • Seattle Mariners – Brock Rodden, SS, Wichita State (KS)
  • Cleveland Guardians – Christian Knapczyk, SS, Louisville (KY)
  • Atlanta Braves – Isaiah Drake, OF, North Atlanta HS (GA)
  • Philadelphia Phillies – Joe Vetrano, 1B, Boston College (MA)
  • Houston Astros – Chase Jaworsky, SS, Rock Canyon HS (CO)

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Remaining rounds

  • Washington Nationals
  • Cincinnati Reds
  • Texas Rangers
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • Minnesota Twins
  • San Francisco Giants
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • New York Mets
  • Atlanta Braves
  • New York Yankees
  • Oakland Athletics
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Seattle Mariners
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Miami Marlins
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Milwaukee Brewers
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • Cleveland Guardians
  • San Diego Padres
  • Houston Astros

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MLB Draft 2023 Order

Link to check MLB Draft 2023 Order is The draft order is determined by the reverse order of the previous season’s standings. The team with the worst record picks first, followed by the team with the second-worst record, and so on. Additionally, compensatory picks, competitive balance picks, and lottery picks are awarded to certain teams based on factors like free agent signings, revenue, and market size.

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