NCAA Baseball Champions List – College World Series Winners (All Time)

NCAA Baseball Champions list of all time, check NCAA men's college world series (annual baseball tournament) winners with year, winners and runner-up names here

NCAA Baseball Champions List

NCAA Baseball Champions List with year, winner and runner up names, check college world series winners of all time. NCAA baseball refers to the baseball programs and competitions governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States. It is the collegiate level of baseball and encompasses a wide range of universities and colleges across the country.

NCAA baseball is divided into three divisions: Division I, Division II, and Division III. Division I programs are generally larger and have more resources, while Division II and Division III programs vary in terms of size and resources. Each division holds its own championship tournament at the end of the regular season. The tournaments involve a series of games leading to a champion being crowned.

The NCAA College World Series is the culminating event for Division I baseball and is held in Omaha, Nebraska, featuring the top eight teams from the Division I tournament.

List of NCAA Baseball Champions

Year Winner Runner Up
2023 LSU Florida
2022 Ole Miss Oklahoma
2021 Mississippi State Vanderbilt
2020 Canceled due to Covid-19
2019 Vanderbilt Michigan
2018 Oregon State Arkansas
2017 Florida LSU
2016 Coastal Carolina Arizona
2015 Virginia Vanderbilt
2014 Vanderbilt Virginia
2013 UCLA Mississippi State
2012 Arizona South Carolina
2011 South Carolina Florida
2010 South Carolina UCLA
2009 LSU Texas
2008 Fresno State Georgia
2007 Oregon State North Carolina
2006 Oregon State North Carolina
2005 Texas Florida
2004 Cal St. Fullerton Texas
2003 Rice Stanford
2002 Texas South Carolina
2001 Miami (FL) Stanford
2000 LSU Stanford
1999 Miami (FL) Florida State
1998 Southern California Arizona State
1997 LSU Alabama
1996 LSU Miami (FL)
1995 Cal St. Fullerton Southern California
1994 Oklahoma Georgia Tech
1993 LSU Wichita State
1992 Pepperdine Cal St. Fullerton
1991 LSU Wichita State
1990 Georgia Oklahoma State
1989 Wichita State Texas
1988 Stanford Arizona State
1987 Stanford Oklahoma State
1986 Arizona Florida State
1985 Miami (FL) Texas
1984 Cal St. Fullerton Texas
1983 Texas Alabama
1982 Miami (FL) Wichita State
1981 Arizona State Oklahoma State
1980 Arizona Hawaii
1979 Cal St. Fullerton Arkansas
1978 Southern California Arizona State
1977 Arizona State South Carolina
1976 Arizona Eastern Michigan
1975 Texas South Carolina
1974 Southern California Miami (FL)
1973 Southern California Arizona State
1972 Southern California Arizona State
1971 Southern California Southern Illinois
1970 Southern California Florida State
1969 Arizona State Tulsa
1968 Southern California Southern Illinois
1967 Arizona State Houston
1966 Ohio State Oklahoma State
1965 Arizona State Ohio State
1964 Minnesota Missouri
1963 Southern California Arizona
1962 Michigan Santa Clara
1961 Southern California Oklahoma State
1960 Minnesota Southern California
1959 Oklahoma State Arizona
1958 Southern California Missouri
1957 California Penn State
1956 Minnesota Arizona
1955 Wake Forest Western Michigan
1954 Missouri Rollins
1953 Michigan Texas
1952 Holy Cross Missouri
1951 Oklahoma Tennessee
1950 Texas Washington State
1949 Texas Wake Forest
1948 Southern California Yale
1947 California Yale

Benefits to NCAA Baseball Winners

NCAA baseball programs offer scholarships to student-athletes. Division I programs have the most generous scholarship opportunities, while Division II and Division III programs may have different scholarship regulations and financial aid options. To compete in NCAA baseball, student-athletes must meet certain eligibility requirements, including academic standards and amateurism rules. These requirements ensure that athletes maintain their amateur status and are pursuing their education while participating in sports.

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The regular season typically runs from February to May, with teams playing a schedule of games against conference opponents and non-conference opponents. Conference standings and performance play a significant role in determining which teams qualify for postseason play. NCAA baseball is an important pathway for players aspiring to play professionally. Many top players participate in NCAA programs before entering the Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft. The NCAA provides a platform for players to develop their skills and gain exposure to professional scouts. Check NCAA College World Series champions of all time through the link –

NCAA baseball programs are led by dedicated coaching staff who provide training, mentorship, and guidance to student-athletes. These coaches play a crucial role in the development of players both on and off the field. NCAA baseball offers a platform for student-athletes to pursue their passion for baseball while simultaneously receiving an education. It serves as a stepping stone for those looking to pursue a career in professional baseball or other fields beyond their college years.

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