2023 List of World’s Best Cities to Live, Work, Invest & Visit

Discover the best cities in the World for 2023 with rankings, check complete list of cities to live, work, invest, and visit in the World

World's Best Cities

The ranking of World’s Best Cities 2023 has been released by the company named Resonance Consultancy. The company acts as leading advisors in tourism, real estate, and economic development for more than 15 years. Resonance is a leading global advisor on placemaking, branding and marketing for the world’s best cities, districts, developments and destinations.

Delivering valuable insights, the company has recently unveiled its prestigious list of World’s best cities to live, work, invest, and visit in 2023.

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World’s Best Cities 2023 – Complete List

Rank City Country
1 London United Kingdom
2 Paris France
3 New York United States
4 Tokyo Japan
5 Dubai United Arab Emirates
6 Barcelona Spain
7 Rome Italy
8 Madrid Spain
9 Singapore Singapore
10 Amsterdam Netherlands
11 Prague Czech Republic
12 Los Angeles United States
13 Chicago United States
14 San Francisco United States
15 Berlin Germany
16 Hong Kong China: Hong Kong SAR
17 Washington United States
18 Beijing China
19 Dublin Ireland
20 Istanbul Türkiye
21 Las Vegas United States
22 Milan Italy
23 Budapest Hungary
24 Toronto Canada
25 Sydney Australia
26 Seoul South Korea
27 Doha Qatar
28 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
29 Osaka Japan
30 Bangkok Thailand
31 Vienna Austria
32 San Diego United States
33 São Paulo Brazil
34 Melbourne Australia
35 Zurich Switzerland
36 Boston United States
37 Lisbon Portugal
38 Warsaw Poland
39 Seattle United States
40 Orlando United States
41 Munich Germany
42 Houston United States
43 Austin United States
44 Buenos Aires Argentina
45 Naples Italy
46 Copenhagen Denmark
47 Dallas United States
48 Helsinki Finland
49 Frankfurt Germany
50 Atlanta United States
51 Stockholm Sweden
52 Miami United States
53 Athens Greece
54 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
55 Hamburg Germany
56 Denver United States
57 Montreal Canada
58 Brussels Belgium
59 Tel Aviv Israel
60 Oslo Norway
61 Taipei Taiwan
62 Valencia Spain
63 Minneapolis United States
64 Philadelphia United States
65 Calgary Canada
66 Portland United States
67 Nashville United States
68 Auckland New Zealand
69 Vancouver Canada
70 Santiago Chile
71 Mexico City Mexico
72 Mumbai India
73 Shanghai China
74 San Jose United States
75 Lyon France
76 Bilbao Spain
77 Liverpool United Kingdom
78 New Orleans United States
79 Brisbane Australia
80 Manchester United Kingdom
81 Fukuoka Japan
82 Seville Spain
83 Riyadh Saudi Arabia
84 Jerusalem Israel
85 Nanjing China
86 Minsk Belarus
87 Salt Lake City United States
88 Phoenix United States
89 Jakarta Indonesia
90 Gothenburg Sweden
91 Perth Australia
92 Glasgow United Kingdom
93 Nagoya Japan
94 Baltimore United States
95 Stuttgart Germany
96 Ottawa Canada
97 Hanoi Vietnam
98 Sendai Japan
99 Cologne Germany
100 Marseille France

Methodology for Ranking World’s Best Cities

Resonance Consultancy follows a rigorous methodology in ranking World’s cities, combining statistical performance and qualitative evaluations from both locals and visitors in 24 areas grouped into six core categories. The ranking specifically consider global cities (principal cities of metropolitan areas with populations of more than one million).

Principal cities are defined as the largest city in each metropolitan statistical area. This year, we disqualified Moscow and St. Petersburg from our list of cities due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The Six Core Categories
The evaluation of cities across 24 areas is grouped into six core categories, providing a comprehensive assessment of each city’s strengths and attributes. These categories are:-

  1. Place: Evaluating the perceived quality of its natural and built environments, weather, safety, sights & landmarks and overall quality of life within the city.
  2. Programming: Assessing the experiential pillars of a great visit: food, restaurants, shows, shopping, culture, and nightlife as their sum fosters a community’s connection to place.
  3. Prosperity: Analyzing economic indicators like income of citizens, standard of living, presence or absence of Global 500 companies, GDP per capita, employment rate, income equality and overall economic growth potential.
  4. Product: Considering infrastructure quality, institutions quality, airport connectivity, transportation networks, and the presence of museums, convention centres or universities.
  5. People: Incorporating factors such as percentage of people participating in the labor force and educational attainment level of the city’s population.
  6. Promotion: Examining the number of stories, references and recommendations shared online about that city including facebook check-ins, google search, tripadvisor reviews, instagram hashtags and popularity on google trends.

By considering both quantitative statistical data and qualitative evaluations from residents and visitors, a comprehensive evaluation of each city’s appeal and desirability is ensured. The rankings provide individuals, businesses, and investors with valuable insights to make informed decisions regarding living, working, investing, and exploring these remarkable urban centers.

World’s Best Cities 2023 Report PDF

You can download the complete report of World’s Best Cities 2023 in PDF format from this link

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