List of National Parks in USA (by State)

The United States is home to numerous national parks, which are protected areas of significant natural, cultural, or historical value. Each national park offers unique landscapes, biodiversity, and cultural significance. You can check complete state wise list of national parks in USA in this article. What's in this list? hide 1 USA National Parks List […]

US National Parks List

The United States is home to numerous national parks, which are protected areas of significant natural, cultural, or historical value. Each national park offers unique landscapes, biodiversity, and cultural significance. You can check complete state wise list of national parks in USA in this article.

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park in Alaska is the largest national park in the USA at 13.2 million acres and boasts stunning glaciers, towering peaks, and pristine wilderness. From the rugged mountains of Colorado to the lush rain-forests of Washington, each state offers its own unique national park experiences. 

These parks are managed by the National Park Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Each park offers its own distinct natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and cultural or historical significance. Exploring these parks can be a fantastic way to appreciate the country’s diverse landscapes and rich natural heritage.

USA National Parks List

You can sort these national parks in Alphabetical order by clicking on the “National Park” column heading.

Sr. No.StateNational ParkEntry Fee
1AlaskaWrangell-St. Elias National Park$15 – $30 per person
2AlaskaLake Clark National ParkFree
3AlaskaKobuk Valley National ParkFree
4AlaskaKenai Fjords National Park$10 – $15 per person
5AlaskaKatmai National Park$10 – $15 per person
6AlaskaGlacier Bay National Park$15 – $30 per person
7AlaskaGates of the Arctic National ParkFree
8AlaskaDenali National Park$15 – $30 per person
9American SamoaNational Park of American SamoaFree
10ArizonaSaguaro National Park$10 – $25 per vehicle
11ArizonaPetrified Forest National Park$10 – $25 per vehicle
12ArizonaGrand Canyon National Park$35 per vehicle, $20 per person
13ArkansasHot Springs National ParkFree
14CaliforniaYosemite National Park$35 per vehicle, $20 per person
15CaliforniaSequoia National Park$35 per vehicle, $20 per person
16CaliforniaRedwood National Park$20 per vehicle
17CaliforniaPinnacles National Park$30 per vehicle, $25 per motorcycle
18CaliforniaLassen Volcanic National Park$30 per vehicle, $25 per motorcycle
19CaliforniaKings Canyon National Park$35 per vehicle, $20 per person
20CaliforniaJoshua Tree National Park$30 per vehicle
21CaliforniaDeath Valley National Park$30 per vehicle
22CaliforniaChannel Islands National ParkFree
23ColoradoRocky Mountain National Park$35 per vehicle, $25 per motorcycle
24ColoradoMesa Verde National Park$30 per vehicle
25ColoradoGreat Sand Dunes National Park$25 per vehicle, $15 per person
26ColoradoBlack Canyon of the Gunnison National Park$30 per vehicle
27FloridaEverglades National Park$30 per vehicle
28FloridaDry Tortugas National Park$15 per person
29FloridaBiscayne National ParkFree
30HawaiiHawai’i Volcanoes National Park$30 per vehicle
31HawaiiHaleakalā National Park$30 per vehicle
32IdahoYellowstone National Park$35 per vehicle, $30 per motorcycle
33IndianaIndiana Dunes National Park$6 per vehicle
34KentuckyMammoth Cave National Park$10 – $15 per person
35MaineAcadia National Park$30 per vehicle
36MichiganIsle Royale National Park$7 per person (daily pass), $60 per person (season pass)
37MinnesotaVoyageurs National ParkFree
38MissouriGateway Arch National Park$3 – $10 per person
39MontanaGlacier National Park$35 per vehicle, $20 per person
40MontanaYellowstone National Park$35 per vehicle, $30 per motorcycle
41NevadaGreat Basin National Park$10 – $15 per person
42New MexicoWhite Sands National Park$25 per vehicle
43New MexicoCarlsbad Caverns National Park$15 – $30 per person
44North CarolinaGreat Smoky Mountains National ParkFree
45North DakotaTheodore Roosevelt National Park$30 per vehicle, $15 per person
46OhioCuyahoga Valley National ParkFree
47OregonCrater Lake National Park$30 per vehicle
48South CarolinaCongaree National ParkFree
49South DakotaWind Cave National Park$15 per person
50South DakotaBadlands National Park$30 per vehicle
51TennesseeGreat Smoky Mountains National ParkFree
52TexasGuadalupe Mountains National Park$10 – $15 per person
53TexasBig Bend National Park$30 per vehicle, $25 per motorcycle
54UtahZion National Park$35 per vehicle
55UtahCapitol Reef National Park$20 per vehicle
56UtahCanyonlands National Park$30 per vehicle
57UtahBryce Canyon National Park$35 per vehicle
58UtahArches National Park$30 per vehicle
59Virgin IslandsVirgin Islands National Park$30 per vehicle
60VirginiaShenandoah National Park$30 per vehicle
61WashingtonOlympic National Park$30 per vehicle
62WashingtonNorth Cascades National ParkFree
63WashingtonMount Rainier National Park$30 per vehicle
64West VirginiaNew River Gorge National ParkFree
65WyomingYellowstone National Park$35 per vehicle, $30 per motorcycle
66WyomingGrand Teton National Park$35 per vehicle, $30 per motorcycle

Why One Should Visit a National Park in USA?

National parks in the United States offer breathtaking landscapes, abundant wildlife, and a chance to immerse oneself in the wonders of nature. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, visiting a national park can be a rejuvenating and awe-inspiring experience. In this article, we have listed 15 reasons why you should consider visiting a national park in the USA.

  1. Natural Beauty: A Visual Feast
  2. Biodiversity: A Haven for Wildlife
  3. Conservation and Preservation Efforts
  4. Outdoor Recreation Opportunities
  5. Educational and Cultural Significance
  6. Tranquility and Stress Relief
  7. Health and Well-being Benefits
  8. Photography and Artistic Inspiration
  9. Adventure and Exploration
  10. Bonding with Family and Friends
  11. Unplugging from Technology
  12. Sustainable Tourism Practices
  13. Camping and Outdoor Activities
  14. Natural Wonders and Geological Marvels
  15. Discovering America’s History

National Park Service – Mobile App

You can download the official mobile app of National Park Service for both android and iOS devices using the below links. These apps will help you check the latest information such as operating hours / days, entrance fee, facilities, national park maps, events / activities calendar to better plan your journey.

Download the app using the below links.

Android App | iOS App

National Parks in USA – FAQ’s

How many national parks are there in the USA?

As of now, there are 66 national parks in the USA.

What is the oldest national park in the USA?

Yellowstone National Park, located primarily in Wyoming, was established in 1872 and is widely considered the first national park in the United States.

Are national parks open year-round?

National parks have different operating seasons based on their location and climate. While some parks are open year-round, others have seasonal closures or limited access during certain months.

Do I need a permit to visit a national park?

Generally, visitors don’t need a permit to enter national parks. However, some activities like back-country camping, fishing, or special events may require permits or reservations. It’s recommended to check the specific park’s regulations before planning your visit. Parking, shuttle, or other transportation-related fees may apply.

Are pets allowed in national parks?

Pets are generally allowed in national parks but are subject to certain restrictions. They must be kept on a leash at all times and are not permitted on trails, in buildings, or in the wilderness areas. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific pet regulations of the park you plan to visit.

Can I camp in national parks?

Yes, camping is a popular activity in national parks. Many parks offer designated campgrounds, some with basic amenities like restrooms and showers. Some parks also permit backcountry camping for a more immersive experience, but it may require permits or reservations.

Are there entrance fees for national parks?

Yes, most national parks charge an entrance fee. However, there are several fee-free days throughout the year when entrance fees are waived. Additionally, the National Park Service offers annual passes that grant access to all national parks for a fixed fee. Check out the annual pass prices here.

Can I engage in outdoor activities like hiking and photography in national parks?

Absolutely! National parks offer a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, photography, wildlife watching, fishing, kayaking, and more. Each park has its own unique features and opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Are there guided tours available in national parks?

Yes, many national parks offer guided tours led by park rangers or authorized tour operators.

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