List of ESPN Layoffs 2023 – ESPN Firings List (Full)

List of ESPN Layoffs 2023 with names of employees fired as part of workforce reduction by parent company (Disney), check full ESPN firings list of people layoff from sports broadcasting company

List of ESPN Layoffs

ESPN Layoffs List 2023 for reducing the number of employees in ESPN is released. ESPN company is cutting its workforce as part of a larger plan by parent company, Disney. The company has already identified affected positions, evaluated the situation and developed a plan to reduce costs and maximize profits. Multi-billionaire sports broadcasting company has published full list of ESPN layoffs on 30 June 2023 with names of all persons who are fired from their jobs.

In ESPN Firings List 2023, longtime network broadcaster Jeff Van Gundy lost his job. Van Gundy, 61, joined ESPN in 2007 and called the last 15 NBA finals alongside Mark Jackson and Mike Breen, becoming one of the longest tenured trios in sports broadcasting history. Jalen Rose, who also joined the network in 2007, was the next layoff announced in ESPN Fired List. The former NBA player turned sports analyst was married to Molly Qerim from 2018-2021. She will continue to work at ESPN.

Max Kellerman’s morning radio show alongside Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams had already been cancelled and Pat McAfee will reportedly take that afternoon slot. Williams, 41, was the only one from that trio who did not get laid off. Kellerman and Johnson will no longer work at ESPN.

ESPN Layoffs List 2023 (Full)

  1. Jeff Van Gundy (commentator)
  2. Jalen Rose (analyst)
  3. Max Kellerman (analyst)
  4. Keyshawn Johnson (analyst)
  5. Todd McShay (commentator)
  6. Matt Hasselbeck (analyst)
  7. Ashley Brewer (anchor)
  8. Suzy Kolber (anchor)
  9. Steve Young (analyst)
  10. LaPhonso Ellis (analyst)
  11. Jason Fitz (radio host)
  12. Joon Lee (writer)
  13. Jordan Cornette (analyst)
  14. David Pollack (analyst)
  15. Nick Friedell (reporter)
  16. Chris Chelios
  17. Rob Ninkovich
  18. Neil Everett

Stephen A. Smith not in ESPN Firings List

Stephen A. Smith gets to keep his job and is among the top talents ESPN is now betting on, including McAfee, and possibly Shannon Sharpe. Smith, 55, is the most popular TV personality on ESPN and recently started a YouTube channel, a sign of keeping up with the times.

Kendrick Perkins and JJ Reddick are among the big names who did not get the axe. Not everybody was as fortunate. The network’s new direction focuses on quality over quantity, but their relentless nature in releasing talent makes it seem like nobody is safe.

About ESPN Fired List 2023

The primary purpose of the ESPN layoffs list 2023 is to ensure a systematic and organized approach to communicating and implementing the workforce reduction while complying with legal requirements and internal policies. ESPN Layoffs List is an internal document to help sports broadcasting company to manage the process of notifying and transitioning employees who will be impacted by the layoff.

Many of those affected by the new cuts have contracts beyond June 30 and will be paid out accordingly, but parting ways will enable ESPN to avoid wider layoffs.

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