DNI List 2023 – Basic DNI Criteria with Do Not Interact Examples

DNI list of individuals, entities with whom a person or organization chooses not to engage or interact, check basic do not interact criteria with common examples

DNI List Examples

A “do not interact” list, often abbreviated as DNI list, is a list of individuals or entities with whom a person or organization chooses not to engage or interact. It is a common practice in various contexts, such as social media platforms, online communities, or customer service settings.

The purpose of a DNI list can vary depending on the situation. Some common reasons for maintaining a DNI list includes online communities, customer service, personal boundaries, networking and relationships. While a DNI list can be useful for managing interactions and maintaining a safe environment, its application should always adhere to ethical and legal standards.

Discrimination based on factors like race, gender, religion, or disability is not acceptable, and DNI lists should not be used to perpetuate harmful biases or discrimination.

DNI List 2023

Many DNIs include several of these, often phrased as “DNI if you are…” or “DNI: (label).”

  • Homophobic/Anti-LGBT/Anti-MOGAI
  • Racist
  • Ableist
  • Sexist/Misogynist
  • Ace-Exclusionist
  • Ace-Inclusionist
  • Truscum/Transmed/Tucute
  • Anti-Truscum
  • Anti-shipper
  • Pro-shipper
  • Pedophile
  • Underage shipper
  • Incest shipper
  • Anti-SJW
  • Anti-kin
  • (prefix)kin (e.g. DNI Factkin, DNI
  • Hate speech
  • Nazi
  • A minor
  • Over 30
  • CisHet
  • NSFW blog
  • Various fandom-specific criteria, like “Bakugou Apologist” or “Anakin/Amidala Shipper”
  • littles/DDLG
  • Anti-Littles/DDLG
  • Syscourse

Some are so common, that many blogs have a note that starts with something like, “DNI: – basic dni criteria (racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc),” leaving the reader to figure out what “etc.” should encompass.

Basic DNI Criteria

  • Homophobic, Transphobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, etc.
  • Misogynistic
  • Racist, Sexist, Ableist, Discrimination, etc.
  • Invalidates A Person’s Pronouns / Gender / Identity
  • Pedophile, Sexualizes Minors, Jokes About R×pe, etc.
  • Supports, participates, tolerates, or justify any of the above.

Do Not Interact (DNI) Examples

Here are some of the examples of Do Not Interact list following DNI criteria:-

1st Example

I wouldn’t say do not interact, more just shouldn’t interact – because I will either mute/block you, or you will get offended by my opinions”. So you shouldn’t interact if:-

  • you are a weirdo that thinks I am Yena – I’m not
  • you want to date me – I’m in a relationship
  • you are uncomfortable with strong language/swearing
  • your feminism doesn’t include trans people & sex workers
  • you are immature/very young
  • you slutshame/kinkshame/sexshame
  • you are anti-abortion
  • you are racist/sexist/transphobic/biphobic
  • you are anti-lgbtq+
  • you don’t respect pronouns
  • …and really, anything that makes your personality not line up with the bare minimum. As for messaging me – feel free, but if all you say is “hi/hi how are you”, our conversation is likely going to end up being blank.

    2nd Example

    This goes with a few exceptions, but on average, DNI (do not interact) if you fall under 4 or more of these rules (this includes commenting, messaging, sharing, etc.). Please DNI:

    • if you are a troll
    • if you come to attack my profile and/or my content disrespectfully
    • if you cannot have a respectful debate or resort to insults over arguments
    • if you use gratuitous or constant cursing (primarily religious profanities)
    • if you impose your views on me without proper evidence
    • if you are racist, sexist, or just bigoted in general (yes, just because I’m conservative does not mean I am a bigot, despite common belief)
    • if you are an anti-theist (different from an atheist)
    • if you cannot respect other’s religions or political beliefs
    • if you hate me
    • if you ask to get into relationships (if I see one of those accounts, I will not follow them back. In fact, I may block them since I am a minor)
    • if you ask for nudes
    • if you are a pedophile
    • if you have blocked me so I cannot respond to your comments on my profile (this will lead to me blocking you; I block back people in most cases)
    • if you try to start drama
    • You are advertising me to invest in cryptocurrency (scam or not, I will block those who do)
    • if you emotionally invalidate others
    • if you talk too much about sex
    • If you want to be friends because I followed you back (I probably will not block the person, but I most likely will not respond. Many, many people have done it before, and normally I am not interested. There have been some exceptions though 🙂 )
    • if you are rude
    • if you make jokes that other religions would describe as very blasphemous
    • if you post NSFW content or follow NSFW spaces (this almost entirely applies to messages, and exceptions can be made)
    • if you are openly communist or fascist to me (this comes with exceptions and whether or not you address me personally about it)
    • if you fake disorders or conditions, mental or physical
    • if you are a catfish
    • if you are a creep
    • if you are not genuine
    • if you compliment me into chatting with you (rule may not apply if I have had previous interaction with you)
    • if you cannot deal with a disagreement and/or thus publicly expose me for it.

    Well, that’s about all. Please be mindful of this.


    In summary, a do not interact list is a tool that allows individuals or organizations to control and manage their interactions and relationships by choosing not to engage with specific individuals or entities.

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