Atari 2600 Games List – Check Iconic Games for Atari Video Computer System

Atari 2600 Games List with title, year and genre, check list of video games like pac-man, breakout, pong, space invaders, asteroids, centipede, missile command etc. developed & published for the Atari Video Computer System

Atari 2600 Games List

Atari 2600 Games List with title, year and genre, check list of video games developed and published for the Atari Video Computer System. Atari, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. Atari played a crucial role in shaping the gaming industry and bringing video games into mainstream culture.

The Atari games list include iconic video games like pong, space invaders, asteroids, centipede, missile command, pac-man, breakout etc. Atari’s success in the late 1970s and early 1980s contributed significantly to the video game industry’s growth. These games are not only considered classic gems but also played a crucial role in shaping the foundation of modern gaming.

Today, many of these Atari games are available on various platforms and emulators, allowing newer generations of gamers to experience the nostalgia and simplicity of these early video game masterpieces.

Atari 2600 Games List (All Time)

This is a list of games for the Atari Video Computer System, a console renamed to the Atari 2600 in November 1982. Sears licensed the console and many games from Atari, Inc., selling them under different names. 3 cartridges were Sears exclusives. The list contains 519 games, divided into three sections: Games published by Atari and Sears, Games published by third parties and Hobbyist-developed games after the system was discontinued.

List of Games Published by Atari and Sears

All 130 of the initial era of Atari 2600 games were developed and manufactured by Atari, Inc. These games were published by Atari, and many were also licensed to Sears, which released these games under its Tele-Games brand, often with different titles. 

Atari Title Year Genre
32 in 1 1988 Educational, Sports
3-D Tic-Tac-Toe 1978 Strategy
Adventure 1980 Adventure, Action-RPG
Air-Sea Battle (Target Fun) 1977 Action
Alpha Beam with Ernie 1983 Educational
Asterix 1983 Action
Asteroids 1981 Action
Atari Video Cube 1983 Strategy
Backgammon 1979 Strategy
Basic Math AKA Fun With Numbers 1977 Educational
BASIC Programming 1979 Educational
Basketball 1978 Sports
Battlezone 1983 Action, Simulation
Berzerk 1982 Action
Big Bird’s Egg Catch 1983 Educational, Strategy
Blackjack 1977 Simulation
Bowling 1979 Sports
Brain Games 1978 Educational, Strategy
Breakout (Breakaway IV) 1978 Action
Canyon Bomber 1979 Action
Casino (Poker Plus) 1978 Strategy
Centipede 1983 Action
Circus Atari (Circus) 1980 Action
Codebreaker 1978 Strategy
Combat (Tank Plus) 1977 Action
A Game of Concentration (Memory Match) 1978 Traditional
Cookie Monster Munch 1983 Educational
Crazy Climber 1983 Action
Crossbow 1987 Action
Crystal Castles 1984 Action
Dark Chambers 1988 Action
Defender 1982 Action
Defender II 1988 Action
Demons to Diamonds 1982 Action
Desert Falcon 1987 Action
Dig Dug 1983 Action
Dodge ‘Em (Dodger Cars) 1980 Action, Racing
Donald Duck’s Speedboat 1983 Action
Double Dunk 1989 Sports
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982 Adventure
Fatal Run 1990 Action, Racing / Driving
Flag Capture (Capture) 1978 Strategy
Football 1978 Sports
Galaxian 1983 Action
Golf 1980 Sports
Gravitar 1983 Action
Gremlins 1984 Action
Hangman (Spelling) 1978 Strategy
Haunted House 1982 Action, Adventure
Home Run (Baseball) 1978 Sports
Human Cannonball (Cannon Man) 1978 Strategy
Hunt & Score (see Concentration) 1978 Strategy
Ikari Warriors 1989 Action
Indy 500 (Race) 1977 Racing
Joust 1983 Action
Jr. Pac-Man 1986 Action
Jungle Hunt 1983 Side-scrolling action
Kangaroo 1983 Action
Klax 1990 Action, Strategy
Krull 1983 Action
Mario Bros. 1983 Action
Math Gran Prix 1982 Educational, Racing
Maze Craze: A Game of Cops and Robbers (Maze Mania) 1980 Action
Midnight Magic 1986 Action
Millipede 1984 Fixed Shooter
Miniature Golf (Arcade Golf) 1979 Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Missile Command 1981 Action
Moon Patrol 1983 Action
MotoRodeo 1990 Racing / Driving, Sports
Ms. Pac-Man 1983 Action
Night Driver 1980 Action, Racing / Driving
Obelix 1983 Action
Off the Wall 1989 Action
Oscar’s Trash Race 1983 Educational, Racing / Driving
Othello 1980 Strategy
Outlaw (Gunslinger) 1978 Action
Pac-Man 1982 Action
Pelé’s Soccer AKA Championship Soccer 1980 Action, Sports
Pengo 1984 Action
Pepsi Invaders 1983 Action
Phoenix 1983 Action
Pigs in Space 1983 Action
Pole Position 1983 Racing / Driving
Quadrun 1983 Action
Radar Lock 1989 Action
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1982 Adventure
RealSports Baseball 1982 Action, Sports
RealSports Boxing 1987 Action, Sports
RealSports Football 1982 Sports
RealSports Soccer 1983 Sports
RealSports Tennis 1983 Sports
RealSports Volleyball 1982 Sports
Road Runner 1989 Action, Racing / Driving
Rubik’s Cube 1983 Strategy
Secret Quest 1989 Adventure
Sentinel 1990 Action
Sky Diver (Dare Diver) 1979 Action
Slot Machine (Slots) 1979 Simulation
Slot Racers (Maze) 1978 Action
Snoopy and the Red Baron 1983 Action
Solaris 1986 Action
Sorcerer’s Apprentice 1983 Action
Space Invaders 1980 Action
Space War (Space Combat) 1978 Action
Sprint Master 1988 Action, Racing / Driving
Stargate 1984 Action
Star Raiders 1982 Action, Strategy
Star Ship (Outer Space) 1977 Action
Steeplechase 1980 Action, Sports
Stellar Track 1980 Simulation, Strategy
Street Racer (Speedway II) 1977 Racing / Driving
Submarine Commander 1982 Simulation
Super Baseball 1988 Action, Sports
Super Breakout 1981 Action
Super Football 1988 Sports
Superman 1979 Action, Adventure
Surround (Chase) 1977 Action
Swordquest: Earthworld 1982 Action, Adventure
Swordquest: Fireworld 1983 Adventure
Swordquest: Waterworld 1983 Adventure
Taz 1983 Action
Track & Field 1983 Sports
Vanguard 1983 Action
Video Checkers (Checkers) 1980 Strategy
Video Chess 1979 Strategy
Video Olympics (Pong Sports) 1977 Action
Video Pinball (Arcade Pinball) 1980 Pinball
Warlords 1981 Action
Xenophobe 1990 Action
Yars’ Revenge 1982 Action

Three games were also produced by Atari Inc. for Sears as exclusive releases under the Tele-Games brand: Steeplechase, Stellar Track, and Submarine Commander.

List of Games Published by Third Parties

As the Atari 2600 console grew in popularity, in 1980 other game developers, such as Activision and Imagic, entered the market and published more than 380 of their own cartridges for the Atari 2600. Most popular Atari 2600 games like Pitfall! and Demon Attack, are third-party games.

Game Title Year Genre
Acid Drop 1992 Strategy
The Activision Decathlon 1983 Sports
Adventures of Tron 1982 Action
Airlock 1982 Action
Air Raid 1982 Action
Air Raiders 1982 Action
Alien 1982 Action
Alien’s Return 1983 Action
Amidar 1982 Action
Armor Ambush 1982 Action, Racing / Driving
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks 1983 Strategy
Artillery Duel/Ghost Manor 1983 Strategy
Artillery Duel/Spike’s Peak 1983 Strategy
Artillery Duel 1983 Strategy
Assault 1983 Action
Astroblast 1982 Action
Atlantis 1982 Action
Atlantis II 1982 Action
Bachelor Party 1982 Adult, Action
Bachelorette Party 1982 Adult, Action
Bank Heist 1983 Action, Racing / Driving
Barnstorming 1982 Action
Base Attack 1983? shooter
Beamrider 1983 Action
Beany Bopper 1982 Action
Beat Em and Eat Em 1982 Adult, Action
Berenstain Bears 1983 Educational
Bermuda 1983 Shooter
Bermuda Triangle 1982 Action
Birthday Mania 1984 Action
Blue Print 1983 Action
BMX Airmaster 1989 Action, Sports
Bobby is Going Home 1983 
Boing! 1983 Action
Boxing 1980 Sports
Bridge 1980 Strategy
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom 1983 Action
Bugs 1982 Action
Bumper Bash 1983 Action
Bump ‘n’ Jump 1983 Action, Racing / Driving
BurgerTime 1982 Action
Burning Desire 1983 Adult, Action
Busy Police 1983 
Cakewalk 1983 Action
California Games 1987 Sports
Carnival 1982 Action
Cathouse Blues 1982 Adult
Challenge of Nexar 1982 Action
Chase the Chuck Wagon 1983 Action
Checkers 1980 Strategy
China Syndrome 1983 Action
Chopper Command 1982 Action
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost Manor 1983 Action
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Spike’s Peak 1983 Action
Chuck Norris Superkicks 1983 Action
Coconuts 1982 Action
Commando 1988 Action
Commando Raid 1982 Action
Communist Mutants from Space (cassette) 1982 Action
Condor Attack 1983 
Confrontation 1983 Strategy
Congo Bongo 1983 Action
Cosmic Ark 1982 Action
Cosmic Commuter 1984 Action
Cosmic Corridor 1983 
Cosmic Creeps 1982 Action
Cosmic Free Fire  
Cosmic Swarm 1982 Action
Crab Control  
Crackpots 1983 Action
Crash Dive 1983 Action
Creature Strike 1992 Shooter
Cross Force 1983 Action
Cruise Missile 1987 
Crypts of Chaos 1982 Adventure, Role-Playing (RPG)
Cubicolor 1982 Strategy
Custer’s Revenge 1982 Adult, Western
Dancing Plate 1982 
Dark Cavern 1982 
Deadly Discs 1983 Action
Deadly Duck 1982 Action
Death Trap 1983 Action, Strategy
Demolition Herby 1983 Action
Demon Attack 1982 Fixed shooter
Dice Puzzle 1983 
Dishaster 1983 Action
Dolphin 1983 Action
Donkey Kong 1982 Action
Donkey Kong Junior 1983 Action
Double Dragon 1989 Action
Dragon Treasure 1981 
Dragonfire 1982 Action
Dragonstomper (cassette) 1982 Role-Playing (RPG)
Dragster 1980 Racing / Driving
Dungeon Master 1992 Action, Adventure
Earth Dies Screaming 1982 Action
Earth Attack 1983 
Eddy Langfinger, der Museumsdieb 1983 Action
Eggomania 1982 Action
Eli’s Ladder 1982 Educational
Encounter at L-5 1982 Action
Enduro 1983 Racing / Driving
Entombed 1983 Action, Strategy
Escape from the Mindmaster (cassette) 1982 Adventure
Espial 1984 Action
Exocet 1983 Action
Exocet Missile  
Extra Terrestrials 1984 Action
Fantastic Voyage 1982 Action
Farmer Dan  
Fast Eddie 1982 Action
Fast Food 1982 Action
Fathom 1983 Action
Fighter Pilot  
Final Approach 1982 Simulation, Strategy
Fireball (cassette) 1982 Action
Fire Fighter 1982 Action
Fire Fly 1983 Action
Fisher Price 1983 
Fishing Derby 1980 Action, Sports
Flash Gordon 1983 Action
Frankenstein’s Monster 1983 Action
Freeway 1981 Action
Frogger 1982 Action
Frogs and Flies 1982 Action
The Official Frogger (cassette) 1983 Action
Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! 1984 Action
Front Line 1984 Action
Frostbite 1983 Action
Gamma-Attack 1983 Action
Gangster Alley 1983 Action
Gas Hog 1983 Action
Gauntlet 1983 Action
General Retreat 1983 Adult, Western
Ghostbusters 1985 Action
Ghostbusters II 1990/1992 Action
Ghost Manor/Spike’s Peak 1983 Action
Ghost Manor 1983 Action
G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike 1983 Action
Gigolo 1982 Adult
Glacier Patrol 1983 Action
Glib 1983 Strategy
Gopher 1982 Action
Gorf 1982 Action
Grand Prix 1982 Racing / Driving
Great Escape 1983 Action
Guardian 1982 Action
Gyruss 1984 Action
Halloween 1983 Action
Harbor Escape 1983 
H.E.R.O. 1984 Action
I Want My Mommy 1983 Action
Ice Hockey 1981 Action, Sports
Inca Gold 1982 
Infiltrate 1982 Action, Strategy
International Soccer 1982 Sports
James Bond 007 1983 Action
Jawbreaker 1981 Action
Journey Escape 1982 Action
Jungle Fever 1982 Adult, Action
Kaboom! 1981 Action
Karate 1982 Action
Keystone Kapers 1983 Action
Killer Satellites (cassette) 1982 Action
King Kong 1982 Action
Knight on the Town 1982 Adult, Action
Kool-Aid Man 1983 Action
Kung-Fu Master 1987 Action
Lady in Wading 1982 Adult, Action
Laser Blast 1981 Action
Laser Gates 1983 Action
Laser Volley 1983 
Lochjaw 1982 Action
Lock ‘n’ Chase 1982 Action
London Blitz 1983 Strategy
Lost Luggage 1982 Action
M.A.D. 1982 Action
MagiCard 1981 
Malagai 1983 Action
Mangia 1983 Action
Marauder 1982 
Marine Wars 1983 Action
M*A*S*H 1982 Action
Master Builder 1983 Action
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man 1983 Action
MegaBoy 1990 Educational
Mega Force 1982 Action
Megamania 1982 Action
Miner 2049er 1983 Action
Miner 2049er II 1982 Action
Mines of Minos 1983 Action
Missile Control 1983 Action
Mission 3000 A.D. 1983 Action
Mission Survive 1983 Action
Mogul Maniac 1983 Action, Simulation, Sports
Montezuma’s Revenge: Starring Panama Joe 1984 Action
Moonsweeper 1983 Action
Motocross 1983 Racing / Driving, Sports
Motocross Racer 1984 Racing / Driving
Mountain King 1983 Action
Mouse Trap 1982 Action
Mr. Do! 1983 Action
Mr. Do’s Castle 1984 Action
Mr. Postman 1983 
The Music Machine 1983 Action, Educational
My Golf 1990 
Name This Game 1982 Action
Nightmare 1983 Action
Night Stalker 1989 Action
No Escape! 1983 Action
Nuts 1983 
Ocean City Defender  
Off Your Rocker 1983 Action
Oink! 1983 Action
Omega Race 1983 Action
Open Sesame 1983 Action
Out of Control 1983 Action, Racing / Driving
Pac-Kong 1983 Action
Panda Chase 1983 
Parachute 1983 Action
Paris Attack 1982 Action / Shooter
Party Mix (cassette) 1983 Action, Racing / Driving
Pete Rose Baseball 1988 Sports
Phantom Tank 1983 
Phantom-Panzer 1983 Action
Phaser Patrol (cassette) 1982 Action
Philly Flasher 1982 Adult, Action
Pick ‘n Pile 1990 Strategy
Picnic 1983 Action
Piece o’ Cake 1983 Action
Pinball  Pinball
Pitfall! 1982 Action
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns 1984 Action
Planet Patrol 1983 Action
Planeten Patrouile  
Plaque Attack 1983 Action
Polaris 1982 Action
Pooyan 1983 Action
Popeye 1983 Action
Porky’s 1983 Adventure
Pressure Cooker 1983 Action
Private Eye 1983 Action
Pyramid War 1983 
Q*bert 1983 Action
Q*bert’s Qubes 1984 Action
Quest for Quintana Roo 1983 Action, Adventure
Quick Step 1983 Action
Rabbit Transit (cassette) 1983 Action
Racquetball 1981 Action, Sports
Radar 1983 
Raft Rider 1983 Action
Ram It 1983 Action
Rampage 1989 Action
Reactor 1982 Action
Red Sea Crossing 1983 
Rescue Terra 1 1982 Action
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes 1983 Action
Riddle of the Sphinx 1982 Action, Adventure
River Patrol 1984 Action
River Raid 1982 Action
River Raid II 1988 Action
Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot – The Joust 1983 Action
Robin Hood 1983 Action
Robot Commando Raid 1982 
Robot Tank 1983 Action
Roc’n Rope 1984 Action
Room of Doom 1982 Action
Save Our Ship 1983 
Scuba Diver 1983 
Sea Hawk 1988 Action
Seahawk 1982 Action
Seamonster 1982 Action
Seaquest 1983 Action
Sea Hunt 1987 Action
Shark Attack 1982 
Shootin’ Gallery 1983 Action
Shuttle Orbiter 1983 Action, Simulation
Sir Lancelot 1983 Action
Skate Boardin’: A Radical Adventure 1987 Action, Sports
Skeet Shoot 1981 Action
Skiing 1980 Sports
Sky Jinks 1982 Racing / Driving
Sky Skipper 1983 Action
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle 1982 Action
The Smurfs Save the Day[19] 1983 Action
Snail Against Squirrel 1983 Action
Sneak ‘N Peek 1982 Simulation
Solar Fox 1983 Action
Solar Storm 1983 Action
Sorcerer 1983 Action
Space Adventure 1981 
Space Attack 1982 Action
Space Canyon 1983 Action
Space Cavern 1982 Action
Spacechase 1981 Action
Space Grid  
Space Jockey 1982 Action
Spacemaster X-7 1983 Action, Strategy
Space Shuttle: A Journey into Space 1983 Simulation
Spiderdroid 1987 Action
Spider Fighter 1982 Action
Spider-Man 1982 Action
Spider Maze 1982 
Spike’s Peak 1983 Action
Spitfire Attack 1983 Action
Springer 1983 Action
Spy Hunter 1984 Action, Racing / Driving
Squeeze Box 1982 Action
Sssnake 1982 Action
Stampede 1981 Action
Star Fox 1983 Action
Stargunner 1982 Action
Starmaster 1982 Action
Star Strike 1982 Action
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator 1983 Action
Star Voyager 1982 Action
Star Wars: The Arcade Game 1984 Action
Star Wars: Jedi Arena 1983 Action
Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle 1983 Action
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 1982 Action
Steeplechase 1983 Action, Sports
Strategy X 1983 Action
Strawberry Shortcake: Musical Match-ups 1983 Strategy
Stronghold 1983 Action
Stunt Man 1983 Action
Sub-Scan 1983 Strategy
Subterranea 1983 Action
Suicide Mission (cassette) 1982 Action
Summer Games 1987 Action, Sports
Super Baumeister 1983 Arcade
Super Challenge Baseball 1982 Sports
Super Challenge Football 1982 Sports
Super Cobra 1983 Action
Surfer’s Paradise: But Danger Below! 1983 Action, Sports
Survival Island (cassette) 1983 Adventure
Survival Run 1983 Action
Sword of Saros (cassette) 1983 Adventure, RPG
Tac-Scan 1983 Action
Tank Brigade 1983 
Tank City  
Tanks But No Tanks 1983 
Tapeworm 1982 Action
Tapper 1984 Action
Task Force 1988 
Tax Avoiders 1982 Action
Tennis 1981 Sports
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1983 Action
Threshold 1983 Fixed shooter
Thunderground 1983 Action
Time Pilot 1983 Action
Time Warp 1983 
Title Match Pro Wrestling 1987 Sports
Tomarc the Barbarian 1983 Action
Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator AKA Dan Kitchen’s Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator 1988 Action, Simulation
Tooth Protectors 1983 Action
Towering Inferno 1982 Action
Treasure Below 1983 Action
Trick Shot 1983 Sports
Tron: Deadly Discs 1982 Action
Tunnel Runner 1983 Action
Turmoil 1982 Action
Tutankham 1983 Action
Universal Chaos 1983 Action
Up’n Down (Sega) 1984 Action, Racing / Driving
Venture (Coleco) 1982 Action
Video Jogger (Exus Corporation) 1983 Action
Video Life (CommaVid) 1981 Life Simulation
Video Reflex (Exus Corporation) 1983 Action
Vulture Attack 1982 
Wabbit (Apollo) 1982 Action
Wall Ball 1983 
Wall-Defender (Bomb) 1983 Action
War Zone  
Warplock (Data Age) 1982 Action
Weltraumtunnel [Space Tunnel] (Bitcorp) 1982 Action
Westward Ho (PlayAround) 1983 Adult, Western
Wing War (Imagic) 1983 Action
Winter Games (Action Graphics) 1987 Action, Sports
Wizard of Wor (Roklan Corporation) 1982 Action
Word Zapper (James Wickstead Design Associates) 1982 Action
Worm War I (Sirius Software) 1982 Shooter
X-Man 1983 Adult, Simulation
The Year 1999 1983 Shooter
Z-Tack (Bomb) 1983 Action
Zaxxon (Coleco) 1982 Action
Zoo Fun 1983 

Homebrew Games List

Title Year Genre
2005 Minigame Multicart 2005 Action
2048 2600 2014 Puzzle
A-VCS-tec Challenge 2006 Action
Aardvark 2019 Action
Actionauts 2008 Simulation
Alfred Challenge 1998 Action
Allia Quest 2001 Action
Alien Greed 2007 Action
Alien Greed 2 2008 Action
Alien Greed 3 2010 Action
Alien Greed 4 2012 Action
Astronomer 2018 Simulation
Bee-Ball 2007 Action
Bell Hopper 2011 Action
Bigfoot Family Search
Boulder Dash 2011 Action
Chetiry Puzzle
Circus Convoy 2021 Action Adventure
Climber 5 2004 Action
Conquest of Mars 2006 Action
Draconian 2017 Action
Dungeon 2009 Adventure
Dungeon II: Solstice 2019 Adventure
Duck Attack! 2010 Action-Adventure
Edtris 2600 1995 Strategy
Euchre 2002 Strategy
Fall Down 2005 Action
FlapPing 2004 Action
Four-Play 2006 Strategy
Galactopus! 2015 Action/Shooter
Galagon 2019 Action
Grizzards 2022 RPG
Go Fish! 2005 Action
Gunfight 2001 Action
Halo 2600 2010 Action
Heist 2019 Action
High Score Screen Burn Slow Burn 2010 Action
Hunchy II 2005 Action
Jammed 2001 Strategy
Juno First 2009 Action
K.O. Cruiser 2010 Sports
Lady Bug 2006 Action
Mappy 2019 Action/Platform
Marble Craze 2002 Action
Mean Santa 2009 Action/Strategy
Medieval Mayhem 2006 Action
Monkey King 2018 Action
Okie Dokie 1996 Strategy
Oystron 1997/1998 Action
Pesco 1999 Action
Pick Up 2002 Shooter
Pressure Gauge 1999 Action/Puzzle
Princess Rescue 2013 Action
Qb 2001 Action/Puzzle
Scramble 2016 Action
Seawolf 2004 Action
Shield Shifter 2009
Skeleton+ 2003 First-person shooter
Snappy 2012 Action
Sound X 1994 Music
Space Game 2018 Action
Space Rocks 2013 Action
Space Treat Deluxe 2003 Action
Space Instigators 2002 Action
Squish ‘Em 2007 Action
The Stacks 2011 Action
Star Fire 2003 Action
Stay Frosty 2007 Action
Stay Frosty 2 2014 Action
Stell-A-Sketch/Okie Dokie 1997 Strategy
Strat-O-Gems Deluxe 2005 Strategy
Super Cobra Arcade 2017 Action
SWOOPS! 2005 Action
Synthcart 2002 Music
Thrust 2000 Action
Toyshop Trouble 2007 Action
Turbo 2010 Racing / Driving
Vault Assault 2001 Action
Vong 2008 Sports
Wall Jump Ninja 2015 Action
Warring Worms 2002 Action
The Wicked Father 2011 Action
Zippy the Porcupine 2015 Action
Zoo Keeper 2021 Action

Included with Atari Flashback 9 / Flashback 9 Gold

  1. Adventure II
  2. Aquaventure
  3. Asteroids Deluxe
  4. Atari Climber
  5. Burnin’ Rubber 
  6. Championship Soccer
  7. Chase It!
  8. Combat Two
  9. Decathlon
  10. Escape It!
  11. Fun with Numbers
  12. Miss It!
  13. RealSports Basketball
  14. Return to Haunted House
  15. Saboteur
  16. Save Mary
  17. Shield Shifter
  18. Space Raid
  19. Strip Off
  20. Tempest
  21. Wizard
  22. Yars’ Return

Best Selling Video Games on Atari 2600

Title Developer / Publisher Release Date
Pac-Man Atari, Inc. 16-Mar-82
Space Invaders Atari, Inc. Mar-80
Donkey Kong Coleco Jul-82
Pitfall! Activision 20-Apr-82
Frogger Parker Brothers Aug-82
Asteroids Atari, Inc. Jul-81
Defender Atari, Inc. 1982
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Atari, Inc. Dec-82
Ms. Pac-Man Atari, Inc. Feb-83
Demon Attack Imagic Mar-82
Night Driver Atari, Inc. Jun-80
Berzerk Atari, Inc. Aug-82
Centipede Atari, Inc. Mar-82
Warlords Atari, Inc. 1981
Breakout Atari, Inc. Nov-78
Adventure Atari, Inc. Jul-80
Laser Blast Activision Mar-81
Freeway Activision Jul-81
Kaboom! Activision Jul-81
Yars’ Revenge Atari, Inc. May-82
Atlantis Imagic Jul-82
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Parker Brothers Jul-82
Cosmic Ark Imagic Aug-82
Megamania Activision Oct-82
Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari, Inc. Nov-82
River Raid Activision Dec-82

About Atari Games List

The Atari 2600, also known as the Atari Video Computer System (VCS), is an iconic home video game console released by Atari, Inc. in 1977. It was one of the first widely successful home video game systems and played a major role in popularizing video gaming during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Atari 2600 used cartridges to play games, and it had a simple joystick controller with a single button. The console’s hardware capabilities were limited by today’s standards, but at the time, it offered exciting gaming experiences. Some of the notable Atari 2600 games are as follows:-

  1. Space Invaders (1980): This was a port of the arcade hit, where players defended Earth from descending waves of alien invaders. It was one of the first big cartridge successes for the Atari 2600.
  2. Pac-Man (1982): Despite being a hugely popular arcade game, the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man was criticized for its poor graphics and gameplay. It is often regarded as one of the worst ports in video game history.
  3. Pitfall! (1982): Developed by Activision, Pitfall! was one of the first side-scrolling platformer games. Players controlled an adventurer named Pitfall Harry as he ran, jumped, and swung on vines to collect treasures and avoid obstacles.
  4. Adventure (1980): Adventure is considered one of the first action-adventure games. Players explored a maze-like kingdom to find a hidden chalice while avoiding dragons and retrieving keys.
  5. Missile Command (1981): This arcade classic was successfully ported to the Atari 2600, where players defended cities from incoming missile attacks.
  6. Breakout (1978): A popular arcade game by Atari, Breakout was ported to the 2600, allowing players to control a paddle to break a wall of bricks.
  7. River Raid (1982): Developed by Activision, River Raid was a vertically scrolling shooter where players controlled a fighter jet and had to navigate through narrow river channels while shooting enemy targets.
  8. Yars’ Revenge (1982): In this original Atari game, players controlled a Yar, a strange insect-like creature, attempting to shoot the evil Qotile while avoiding its attacks.

The Atari 2600 library featured many more games, encompassing various genres such as shooters, platformers, sports, and arcade classics. Despite its simple graphics and sound capabilities, the console’s games became an integral part of gaming history and laid the foundation for the video game industry as we know it today. Many of these classic Atari 2600 games are still fondly remembered and celebrated by retro gaming enthusiasts.

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