Yung Lean Songs List – Yung Lean Albums Track List

Yung Lean Songs List with title, albums, release year, check track list by swedish rapper, singer, songwriter, popular tracklist includes kyoto, unknown death 2002 etc.

Yung Lean Songs List

Yung Lean songs list with title, album, year, check his popular albums track list here. Yung Lean, whose real name is Jonatan Leandoer Håstad, is a Swedish rapper, singer, and songwriter. He gained prominence in the music industry through the internet and social media platforms, particularly SoundCloud, during the early 2010s. Yung Lean is associated with the music subgenre known as “cloud rap” or “sad rap,” which features melancholic and atmospheric production with emotionally charged lyrics.

He first gained attention with his debut single “Ginseng Strip 2002” in 2013, which was followed by the release of his debut mixtape, “Unknown Death 2002.” The mixtape garnered considerable interest and helped him amass a dedicated online following. Yung Lean is also known for his unique style and aesthetic, often characterized by references to Japanese culture and anime.

In subsequent years, Yung Lean continued to release music and collaborated with other artists and producers. Some of his notable projects include the mixtapes “Unknown Memory” and “Frost God,” as well as albums like “Stranger” and “Starz.” His music often explores themes of sadness, substance use, and introspection, resonating with a younger generation of fans.

Yung Lean Songs List

Song Name Album Name Year
Blommor (Intro) (Swedish translation: “flowers”) Unknown Memory 2014
Blinded Unknown Memory 2014
Sunrise Angel Unknown Memory 2014
Yoshi City Unknown Memory 2014
Ice Cold Smoke Unknown Memory 2014
Dog Walk (Intermission) Unknown Memory 2014
Don’t Go Unknown Memory 2014
Ghosttown (feat. Travis Scott) Unknown Memory 2014
Monster Unknown Memory 2014
Volt Unknown Memory 2014
Leanworld Unknown Memory 2014
Sandman Unknown Memory 2014
Helt Ensam (Outro) (Swedish translation: “all alone”) Unknown Memory 2014
Immortal Warlord 2016
Highway Patrol (featuring Bladee) Warlord 2016
Fantasy (featuring Lil Flash) Warlord 2016
Afghanistan Warlord 2016
Hoover Warlord 2016
Fire Warlord 2016
Stay Down Warlord 2016
Eye Contact Warlord 2016
More Stacks Warlord 2016
AF1s (featuring Ecco2K) Warlord 2016
Hocus Pocus (featuring Bladee) Warlord 2016
Shawty U Know What It Do Warlord 2016
Miami Ultras Warlord 2016
Sippin (featuring ManeMane4CGG) Warlord 2016
God Only Knows Warlord 2016
How U Like Me Now? (featuring ThaiBoy Digital) Warlord 2016
Pearl Fountain (featuring Black Kray, Bladee) Warlord 2016
Stars Align Warlord 2016
Shine Warlord 2016
Muddy Sea Stranger 2017
Red Bottom Sky Stranger 2017
Skimask Stranger 2017
Silver Arrows Stranger 2017
Metallic Intuition Stranger 2017
Push/Lost Weekend Stranger 2017
Salute/Pacman Stranger 2017
Drop It/Scooter Stranger 2017
Hunting My Own Skin Stranger 2017
Iceman Stranger 2017
Snakeskin/Bullets Stranger 2017
Fallen Demon Stranger 2017
Agony Stranger 2017
Yellowman Stranger 2017
My Agenda Starz 2020
Yayo Starz 2020
Boylife In EU Starz 2020
Violence Starz 2020
Outta My Head Starz 2020
Dance In The Dark Starz 2020
Acid At 7/11 Starz 2020
Starz (featuring Ariel Pink) Starz 2020
Hellraiser Starz 2020
Butterfly Paralyzed Starz 2020
Dogboy Starz 2020
Iceheart Starz 2020
Pikachu Starz 2020
Low Starz 2020
Sunset Sunrise Starz 2020
Put Me In A Spell Starz 2020


  • Unknown Death 2002 (2013)
    • Welcome 2 Unknown Death
    • Nitevision (featuring Bladee)
    • Oceans 2001
    • Gatorade
    • Hurt
    • Lightsaber // Saviour
    • Princess Daisy
    • Lemonade (featuring Baba Stiltz)
    • Emails
    • Deathstar // Getting Benjamins
    • Heal You // Bladerunner (featuring Bladee)
    • Solarflare
  • Frost God (2016)
    • Back at It
    • Hop Out (featuring Luckaleannn)
    • Hennessy & Sailor Moon (featuring Bladee)
    • Cashin (featuring Adamn Killa)
    • Crystal City (featuring A$AP Ferg)
    • Kirby
    • Head 2 Toe (featuring Bladee)
    • Get It Back
  • Poison Ivy (2018)
  • Stardust (2022)

As with many artists, Yung Lean style and sound has evolved over time, so he has now released new music and continued to grow artistically. We recommend checking out his official social media profiles and music streaming platforms.

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