Verset Perfume List – Long Lasting Perfumes for Women

Verset perfume list includes long lasting perfumes for ladies, check best perfume fragnances for women, female can purchase luxury parfums at low price from official website

Verset Perfumes List

Verset is one of the leading ladies perfume brands, check verset perfume list. The company offers luxury perfumes for women at very low price. Some of the best female perfume in the world includes names like Majesty, Elle, Frenesi, Luz Adriana etc. All the ladies perfume name mentioned here are best in class. These long lasting perfume for women comes in various quantities like 15ml, 50 ml, 100 ml.

Every interested women must try fragnances as specified in list of long-lasting perfumes for ladies. Indeed, verset is one of the top 10 companies offering best perfume for women in the world.

Verset Perfume List for Ladies

Name of Verset Perfume Quantity Available
Andrea for Her (100ml, 15ml)
Anthea (100ml, 15ml)
Dina (100ml, 50ml, 15ml)
Claudia (100ml, 15ml)
Coquette (100ml, 15ml)
D’Arte (50ml)
Dana (100ml, 15ml)
Dana (100ml, 15ml)
Elle (100ml, 15ml)
Frenesi (100ml, 15ml)
Glam (100ml, 15ml)
Helena (100ml, 15ml)
It’s Mine (100ml, 15ml)
Jana (100ml, 15ml)
Lia (100ml, 15ml)
Luz Adriana (100ml, 15ml, 50ml)
Majesty (100ml, 50ml)
Radiance (100ml, 15ml)
Rouge (100ml, 15ml)
Sensi Piú (100ml, 15ml, 50ml)
Sofia (100ml, 15ml)
Soft and Young (100ml, 15ml)
Vivian (100ml, 15ml)
Preziose (50ml)
Sunshine (50ml)

About Verset Perfumes for Women

Verset Parfums are a brand exclusively made and manufactured for pharmacies whose founder is a pharmaceutical doctor, with over 30 years experience in the perfume and cosmetics sector. The official website for verset perfume company is Verset project began with the wish to be able to offer our clients perfumes developed to the highest standards in quality at a competitive price.

Year after year, Verset Parfums counts on the collaboration of internationally recognised, expert perfumers. This means having the best raw materials for developing their creations. The company has own manufacturing means that safety in all processes is 100% guaranteed, and that compliance with the rigorous health and safety controls allows to hold the certificate of IFRA European regulation.

The presence of Verset in pharmacies on an international level makes it a leading company in production and distribution of premium quality perfumes. The Verset perfume collection is inspired by the main olfactory families. Each fragrance is created with an exquisite, evocative formula, that makes them deliciately timeless.

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