Rene Russo List of Movies with Title, Role & Year

Rene Russo list of movies like Outbreak, Ransom, The Intern, In the Line of Fire, check names of all films of American actress-cum-model with title, role and year

Rene Russo Movies List

Rene Russo movies list with title, role, check names of all films of American actress and former model. Rene Russo was born on 17 February 1954, in Burbank, California, USA. Russo gained fame for her appearances in various films during the 1990s and 2000s. She is known for her striking looks, talent, and versatility as an actress.

Russo began her career as a model and was quite successful before transitioning to acting. Her breakthrough role came in the 1989 comedy film “Major League.” However, she truly rose to prominence with her role as Lorna Cole in the action-comedy film “Lethal Weapon 3” (1992) alongside Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

Some of her other notable films include “In the Line of Fire” (1993) with Clint Eastwood, “Outbreak” (1995) with Dustin Hoffman, “Get Shorty” (1995) with John Travolta, and “The Thomas Crown Affair” (1999) opposite Pierce Brosnan. She also starred in “Ransom” (1996) with Mel Gibson and “The Intern” (2015) with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.

Rene Russo Movies List

Year Movie Title Role
1989 Major League Lynn Wells
1990 Mr. Destiny Cindy Jo Bumpers/Burrows
1991 One Good Cop Rita Lewis
1992 Freejack Julie Redlund
1992 Lethal Weapon 3 Lorna Cole
1993 In the Line of Fire Lilly Raines
1994 Major League II Lynn Wells
1995 Outbreak Robby Keough
1995 Get Shorty Karen Flores
1996 Tin Cup Molly Griswold
1996 Ransom Kate Mullen
1997 Buddy Gertrude Lintz
1998 Lethal Weapon 4 Lorna Cole
1999 The Thomas Crown Affair Catherine Banning
2000 The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Natasha Fatale
2002 Showtime Chase Renzi
2002 Big Trouble Anna Herk
2005 Two for the Money Toni Morrow
2005 Yours, Mine & Ours Helen North
2011 Thor Frigga
2013 Thor: The Dark World Frigga
2014 Nightcrawler Nina Romina
2015 Frank and Cindy Cindy
2015 The Intern Fiona
2017 Just Getting Started Suzie Quinces
2019 Velvet Buzzsaw Rhodora Haze
2019 Avengers: Endgame Frigga

About Rene Russo

  • Early Life and Modeling Career: Rene Marie Russo was born in Burbank, California, to Shirley and Nino Russo. She grew up in a working-class family and had a difficult childhood. At the age of 17, she was scouted by a modeling agent and began her career as a fashion model. Russo quickly found success and worked with major brands and magazines before transitioning into acting.
  • Notable Films: Alongside her aforementioned roles in “Lethal Weapon 3,” “In the Line of Fire,” “Outbreak,” “Get Shorty,” and “The Thomas Crown Affair,” Russo starred in other notable films as well. Some of these include “Buddy” (1997), “Tin Cup” (1996) opposite Kevin Costner, “The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle” (2000), and “Big Trouble” (2002).
  • Awards and Recognition: Over her career, Rene Russo received critical acclaim for her performances. Although she has not won major awards, her talent and contributions to the industry have been recognized by fans and fellow actors alike.
  • Break and Return: In the early 2000s, Russo took a hiatus from acting to focus on her family. During this time, she stepped away from the spotlight to prioritize her personal life. However, she made a comeback to acting with “The Intern” in 2015 and has continued to work in the industry.
  • Personal Life: Rene Russo married screenwriter Dan Gilroy in 1992. The couple has one daughter together. Dan Gilroy is also a director, and the two have collaborated on several projects, including the film “Nightcrawler” (2014), where Dan directed and wrote the screenplay, and Rene starred alongside Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • Philanthropy: Russo is known for her charitable work and has been involved with several causes, including supporting the Children’s Defense Fund.

Rene Russo is praised for her performances, often portraying strong and independent female characters. Despite taking a break from acting for several years, Rene Russo returned to the big screen and continued to showcase her talent.

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