Prince Song List in Alphabetical Order

Prince song list (a to z) has 200 songs written by Prince (musician), check all song names by American musician, singer, songwriter, actor in alphabetical order

Prince Song List

Prince Song List in alphabetical order, check all songs written by Prince (musician). Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, was an American musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born on June 7, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and passed away on April 21, 2016. Prince was a highly influential and prolific artist known for his innovative music style, combining elements of funk, rock, pop, R&B, soul, and psychedelic music. He was renowned for his virtuosic guitar playing, powerful vocals, and energetic stage presence. Prince Song List is enjoyable as the musician was also a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in playing various instruments, including guitar, piano, drums, and bass.

Throughout his career, Prince released numerous critically acclaimed albums, including “Purple Rain” (1984), which was both a commercial success and the soundtrack to the film of the same name. The album’s title track and singles such as “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy” became iconic songs of the 1980s. Prince’s music explored themes of love, sexuality, spirituality, and social justice. He often challenged conventional norms and pushed boundaries with his music and performances. Some of his other notable songs include “Kiss,” “1999,” “Raspberry Beret,” “Sign o’ the Times,” and “Little Red Corvette.”

In addition to his solo work, Prince collaborated with and mentored several other artists, including Sheila E., The Time, and Vanity 6. He was also involved in various side projects and bands, such as The Revolution and The New Power Generation.

Prince Song List (All Time)

  1. Adore
  2. All the Critics Love U in New York
  3. Alphabet St.
  4. America
  5. Anna Stesia
  6. Another Lonely Christmas
  7. Anotherloverholenyohead
  8. The Arms of Orion
  9. Around the World in a Day
  10. Baby I’m a Star
  11. Baby Knows
  12. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
  13. Baltimore
  14. Bambi
  15. Batdance
  16. The Beautiful Ones
  17. The Belle of St. Mark
  18. The Bird
  19. Black Sweat
  20. Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.
  21. Breakfast Can Wait
  22. Call My Name
  23. Chelsea Rodgers
  24. Chocolate
  25. Cinnamon Girl
  26. Come
  27. Come On (The New Power Generation song)
  28. Computer Blue
  29. Condition of the Heart
  30. Controversy
  31. Cool (The Time song)
  32. Courtin’ Time
  33. Cream
  34. Curious Child
  35. D.M.S.R.
  36. Da, Da, Da
  37. Damn U
  38. Damned If I Do
  39. Dark
  40. Darling Nikki
  41. Days of Wild
  42. Delirious
  43. Diamonds and Pearls
  44. Dinner with Delores
  45. Dirty Mind
  46. Do It All Night
  47. Do Me, Baby
  48. Don’t Talk 2 Strangers
  49. Donald Trump (Black Version)
  50. Dreamin’ About U
  51. Emale
  52. Emancipation
  53. Erotic City
  54. Extraordinary
  55. F.U.N.K.
  56. Face Down
  57. Free
  58. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife
  59. Fury
  60. The Future
  61. Get It Up
  62. Get Wild
  63. Get Yo Groove On
  64. Gett Off
  65. Gigolos Get Lonely Too
  66. Girl
  67. Girl 6
  68. Girls & Boys
  69. Glam Slam
  70. The Glamorous Life
  71. Gold
  72. Gotta Stop
  73. The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
  74. Guitar
  75. He’s Mine
  76. Head
  77. Heartz of Men
  78. The Holy River
  79. Housequake
  80. How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?
  81. The Human Body
  82. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
  83. I Feel for You
  84. I Hate U
  85. I Love U, but I Don’t Trust U Anymore
  86. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  87. I Wish U Heaven
  88. I Would Die 4 U
  89. Ice Cream Castles
  90. If I Love U 2 Nite
  91. If I Was Your Girlfriend
  92. In This Bed I Scream
  93. Insatiable
  94. International Lover
  95. It’s About That Walk
  96. Jam of the Year
  97. Jerk Out
  98. Jungle Love
  99. Just as Long as We’re Together
  100. Kiss
  101. Lady Cab Driver
  102. Let’s Go Crazy
  103. Let’s Have a Baby
  104. Let’s Pretend We’re Married
  105. Let’s Work
  106. Letitgo
  107. List of music released from NPG Music Club
  108. Little Red Corvette
  109. Loose!
  110. A Love Bizarre
  111. Love Sign
  112. Love… Thy Will Be Done
  113. The Lover in You
  114. Man’O’War
  115. Manic Monday
  116. Martika’s Kitchen
  117. Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
  118. Moonbeam Levels
  119. The Morning Papers
  120. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
  121. Mountains
  122. Mr. Happy
  123. Musicology
  124. My Computer
  125. My Name Is Prince
  126. Nasty Girl (Vanity 6 song)
  127. New Power Generation
  128. New World
  129. Nothing Compares 2 U
  130. Oooh This I Need
  131. Orgasm
  132. Paisley Park
  133. Papa
  134. Partyman
  135. Partyup
  136. Peach
  137. Pheromone
  138. Pink Cashmere
  139. The Plan
  140. Pop Life
  141. Prettyman
  142. Private Joy
  143. Purple Medley
  144. Purple Rain
  145. Raspberry Beret
  146. Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic
  147. The Rest of My Life
  148. The Rhythm of Your Heart
  149. Right Back Here in My Arms
  150. Ronnie, Talk to Russia
  151. Round and Round
  152. S.S.T.
  153. Saviour
  154. Scandalous!
  155. Segue
  156. Sex in the Summer
  157. Sex Shooter
  158. Sexy Dancer
  159. Sexy MF
  160. Sign o’ the Times
  161. Silly Game
  162. Sister Fate
  163. Slave
  164. Sleep Around
  165. So Far, So Pleased
  166. Soft and Wet
  167. Solo
  168. Somebody’s Somebody
  169. Something in the Water
  170. Sometimes It Snows in April
  171. Somewhere Here on Earth
  172. The Song of the Heart
  173. Space
  174. Starfish and Coffee
  175. Still Waiting
  176. Strange but True
  177. Style
  178. Sugar Walls
  179. The Sun, the Moon and Stars
  180. Supercute
  181. Take Me with U
  182. Tamborine
  183. Tangerine
  184. Te Amo Corazón
  185. Telepathy
  186. Temptation
  187. Thieves in the Temple
  188. Thunder
  189. The Truth
  190. U Got the Look
  191. U Make My Sun Shine
  192. 1-800-Newfunk Ad (song)
  193. 2gether (The New Power Generation song)
  194. ’03 Bonnie & Clyde
  195. 5 Women
  196. 7 (Prince song)
  197. 17 Days (song)
  198. 101 (song)
  199. 777-9311
  200. 1999 (Prince song)

About Prince (Musician)

Prince (musician) was a highly private individual and fiercely protected his artistic independence. He famously changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol in the 1990s as a protest against his record label, Warner Bros. He became known as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” or simply “The Artist.” He eventually reclaimed his name as Prince after his contract with Warner Bros. ended.

Prince’s contributions to music were widely recognized and celebrated. He won multiple Grammy Awards, including Best R&B Performance and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. His impact on popular music and his unique artistic vision continue to inspire and influence musicians and fans around the world.

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