Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet – 151 Card List

Pokemon 151 card list features first 151 Pokemon set in Pokedex order focused around Kanto region, check Scarlet & Violet 151 card list of every Kanto character in Pokemon TCG

Pokemon 151 Card List

Pokemon 151 card list is a set featuring the first 151 Pokemon in Pokedex order. Scarlet & Violet 151 card list set is a special subset of Pokémon cards focused around the Kanto region and features cards of every single Kanto Pokémon. There are several types of Pokémon cards that serve different purposes in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG).

It is worth noting that Pokemon 151 card set is very new or unreleased, here are the cards we know of so far.

Pokemon 151 Card List

  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Ivysaur
  3. Venusaur ex
  4. Charmander
  5. Charmeleon
  6. Charizard ex
  7. Squirtle
  8. Wartortle
  9. Blastoise ex
  10. Caterpie
  11. Metapod
  12. Butterfree
  13. Weedle
  14. Kakuna
  15. Beedrill
  16. Pidgey
  17. Pidgeotto
  18. Pidgeot
  19. Rattata
  20. Raticate
  21. Spearow
  22. Fearow
  23. Ekans
  24. Arbok ex
  25. Pikachu
  26. Raichu
  27. Sandshrew
  28. Sandslash
  29. Nidoran
  30. Nidorina
  31. Nidoqueen
  32. Nidoran
  33. Nidorino
  34. Nidoking
  35. Clefairy
  36. Clefable
  37. Vulpix
  38. Ninetales ex
  39. Jigglypuff
  40. Wigglytuff
  41. Zubat
  42. Golbat
  43. Oddish
  44. Gloom
  45. Vileplume
  46. Paras
  47. Parasect
  48. Venonat
  49. Venomoth
  50. Diglett
  51. Dugtrio
  52. Meowth
  53. Persian
  54. Psyduck
  55. Golduck
  56. Mankey
  57. Primeape
  58. Growlithe
  59. Arcanine
  60. Poliwag
  61. Poliwhirl
  62. Poliwrath
  63. Abra
  64. Kadabra
  65. Alakazam ex
  66. Machop
  67. Machoke
  68. Machamp
  69. Bellsprout
  70. Weepinbell
  71. Victreebel
  72. Tentacool
  73. Tentacruel
  74. Geodude
  75. Graveler
  76. Golem ex
  77. Ponyta
  78. Rapidash
  79. Slowpoke
  80. Slowbro
  81. Magnemite
  82. Magneton
  83. Farfetch’d
  84. Doduo
  85. Dodrio
  86. Seel
  87. Dewgong
  88. Grimer
  89. Muk
  90. Shellder
  91. Cloyster
  92. Gastly
  93. Haunter
  94. Gengar
  95. Onix
  96. Drowzee
  97. Hypno
  98. Krabby
  99. Kingler
  100. Voltorb
  101. Electrode
  102. Exeggcute
  103. Exeggutor
  104. Cubone
  105. Marowak
  106. Hitmonlee
  107. Hitmonchan
  108. Lickitung
  109. Koffing
  110. Weezing
  111. Rhyhorn
  112. Rhydon
  113. Chansey
  114. Tangela
  115. Kangaskhan ex
  116. Horsea
  117. Seadra
  118. Goldeen
  119. Seaking
  120. Staryu
  121. Starmie
  122. Mr. Mime
  123. Scyther
  124. Jynx ex
  125. Electabuzz
  126. Magmar
  127. Pinsir
  128. Tauros
  129. Magikarp
  130. Gyarados
  131. Lapras
  132. Ditto
  133. Eevee
  134. Vaporeon
  135. Jolteon
  136. Flareon
  137. Porygon
  138. Omanyte
  139. Omastar
  140. Kabuto
  141. Kabutops
  142. Aerodactyl
  143. Snorlax
  144. Articuno
  145. Zapdos ex
  146. Moltres
  147. Dratini
  148. Dragonair
  149. Dragonite
  150. Mewtwo
  151. Mew ex

Other Cards in Pokemon 151 Card Set

  • Energy Sticker – Trainer
  • Snatch Arm – Trainer
  • Ancient Helix Fossil – Trainer
  • Ancient Dome Fossil – Trainer
  • Ancient Old Amber – Trainer
  • Safety Goggles – Pokemon Tool
  • Big Balloon – Pokemon Tool
  • Extra Tight Belt – Pokemon Tool
  • Leftovers – Pokemon Tool
  • Erika’s Invitation – Supporter
  • Giovanni’s Charisma – Supporter
  • Daisy’s Care – Supporter
  • Bill’s Transfer – Supporter
  • Cycling Road – Stadium

Types of Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet Cards

Here are some of the main types of Pokémon cards:

  • Pokémon: These are the basic cards that represent the Pokémon characters. Each Pokémon card typically includes the Pokémon’s name, artwork, HP (Hit Points), type, attacks, and any special abilities or effects.
  • Basic Pokémon: These are the initial forms of Pokémon that you can play directly onto the field. They don’t require any additional cards to be played.
  • Stage 1 Pokémon: These are the evolved forms of Basic Pokémon. To play a Stage 1 Pokémon, you must have the corresponding Basic Pokémon on the field first.
  • Stage 2 Pokémon: These are the final evolved forms of certain Pokémon. To play a Stage 2 Pokémon, you must first have the corresponding Basic Pokémon and its Stage 1 evolution on the field.
  • EX and GX Pokémon: These are special types of Pokémon cards that feature powerful Pokémon with enhanced stats and abilities. EX Pokémon were introduced in earlier sets, while GX Pokémon were introduced later. These cards provide an additional Prize Card to your opponent when knocked out.
  • V and VMAX Pokémon: These cards represent the latest evolution in Pokémon cards. V Pokémon are powerful Pokémon with boosted stats and unique abilities. VMAX Pokémon are the evolved forms of V Pokémon, featuring even higher HP and stronger attacks.
  • Pokémon-GX and Pokémon VMAX: These are highly powerful and rare Pokémon cards. Pokémon-GX have strong attacks and abilities and provide an additional Prize Card when knocked out. Pokémon VMAX are the evolved forms of Pokémon V and have extremely high HP and powerful attacks.
  • Trainer cards: These cards represent various items, supporters, and tools that can be used to support your Pokémon during battles or affect the game in different ways. Trainer cards can be used for healing, drawing cards, searching for specific cards, and more.
  • Energy cards: These cards provide the energy necessary for Pokémon to use their attacks. Energy cards are typically associated with a specific type, such as Fire, Water, Grass, etc. Pokémon require specific types of energy to perform their attacks.
  • Special Energy cards: These are Energy cards with additional effects or abilities. Special Energy cards can provide extra benefits, such as increasing damage, allowing Pokémon to retreat more easily, or granting immunity to certain effects.

These are the main types of Pokémon cards you’ll encounter in the Pokémon TCG. Each type serves a specific purpose and adds depth to the gameplay experience. A new version Scarlet and Violet Obsidian Flames also released, you can also check it.

About Pokemon Set

The original set of Pokémon cards, known as the Base Set, consisted of 102 cards. However, if you’re referring to the first 151 Pokémon introduced in the Pokémon franchise, also known as the Kanto region Pokémon, there were additional sets released that included cards for all 151 Pokémon. Here are some of the sets that featured the original 151 Pokémon:

  • Base Set: This set included the first 102 Pokémon, including Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and the original Legendary Birds (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres).
  • Jungle: This expansion set introduced 48 new cards, featuring Pokémon like Scyther, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. It also included variations of some of the original Pokémon.
  • Fossil: The Fossil set introduced 62 new cards, including Pokémon such as Kabutops, Aerodactyl, and Lapras.
  • Team Rocket: This set featured 83 cards and introduced the darker side of Pokémon, including the villainous Team Rocket members and their Pokémon, such as Dark Charizard and Dark Dragonite.
  • Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge: These two sets focused on the Gym Leaders of the Kanto region. They introduced cards for Gym Leaders like Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, and Erika, along with their respective Pokémon.
  • Legendary Collection: This set included a combination of cards from the Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, and Team Rocket, with updated artwork and a unique border design.
  • Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery, Neo Revelation, and Neo Destiny: These sets expanded the Pokémon card game into the Johto region but still included cards for the original 151 Pokémon.

These are just a few examples of the Pokémon card sets that featured the original 151 Pokémon. The official website for Pokemon TCG game is https://www.pokemon.com/us. There have been many more sets released over the years, including reprints and promotional cards, that include these iconic Pokémon

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