Paramore Songs List (All Time)

Paramore songs list with song name, album and year, check list of all songs recorded by the American rock band including 5 studio albums, a box set, an extended play, 2 soundtrack albums

Paramore Songs List

Paramore songs list with song name, album, year, check names of all songs recorded by the rock band. Paramore is an American rock band that formed in 2004 in Franklin, Tennessee. The band was originally formed by lead vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Josh Farro, drummer Zac Farro, and bassist Jeremy Davis. Over the years, the band’s lineup has changed, and currently consists of Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro. Paramore gained popularity with their second studio album, “Riot!” (2007), which featured the hit singles “Misery Business” and “Crushcrushcrush.” The album’s success propelled them into mainstream success and established them as one of the leading bands in the pop punk and alternative rock genres.

Their third album, “Brand New Eyes” (2009), further solidified their success and showcased a more mature and introspective sound. The album included popular singles such as “Ignorance” and “The Only Exception.” In 2010, tensions within the band led to the departure of guitarist Josh Farro and drummer Zac Farro, but Paramore continued as a trio with Williams, Davis, and York. They released their self-titled fourth album, “Paramore,” in 2013, which featured the hit singles “Still Into You” and “Ain’t It Fun.” The album showcased a more pop-oriented sound, incorporating elements of new wave and synth-pop.

Paramore’s fifth studio album, “After Laughter,” was released in 2017. It marked a departure from their previous sound, incorporating more pop and new wave influences. The album received critical acclaim and featured the singles “Hard Times” and “Told You So.” Since then, Paramore has not released a new album, and the band members have pursued individual projects. Hayley Williams released her debut solo album, “Petals for Armor,” in 2020, while Zac Farro has worked on music with his side project, HalfNoise. While there hasn’t been any official announcement of Paramore’s disbandment, the members have indicated that they are focusing on their individual projects for the time being. Fans continue to hope for new music and future collaborations from the band.

Paramore Songs List

Song Album Year
“Ain’t It Fun” Paramore 2013
“All I Wanted” Brand New Eyes 2009
“All We Know” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“Anklebiters” Paramore 2013
“Be Alone” Paramore 2013
“Big Man, Little Dignity” This Is Why 2023
“Born for This” Riot! 2007
“Brick by Boring Brick” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Brighter” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“Careful” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Caught In The Middle” After Laughter 2017
“C’est Comme Ça” This Is Why 2023
“Conspiracy” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“(One of Those) Crazy Girls” Paramore 2013
“Crave” This Is Why 2023
“crushcrushcrush” Riot! 2007
“Daydreaming” Paramore 2013
“Decode” Twilight (soundtrack) 2008
“Decoy” Riot! 2007
“Emergency” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“Escape Route” Paramore 2013
“Fake Happy” After Laughter 2017
“Fast in My Car” Paramore 2013
“Feeling Sorry” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Fences” Riot! 2007
“For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic” Riot! 2007
“Forgiveness” After Laughter 2017
“Franklin” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“Future” Paramore 2013
“Grow Up” Paramore 2013
“Grudges” After Laughter 2017
“Hallelujah” Riot! 2007
“Hard Times” After Laughter 2017
“Hate to See Your Heart Break” Paramore 2013
“Hello Cold World” Singles Club 2011
“Here We Go Again” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“I Caught Myself” Twilight (soundtrack) 2008
“Idle Worship” After Laughter 2017
“Ignorance” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Interlude: Holiday” Paramore 2013
“Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore” Paramore 2013
“Interlude: Moving On” Paramore 2013
“In the Mourning” Singles Club 2011
“Last Hope” Paramore 2013
“Let the Flames Begin” Riot! 2007
“Looking Up” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Miracle” Riot! 2007
“Misery Business” Riot! 2007
“Misguided Ghosts” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Monster” Transformers: Dark of the Moon (soundtrack) 2011
“My Heart” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“My Hero” Sound of Superman 2006
“Native Tongue” Paramore 2013
“Never Let This Go” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“No Friend” After Laughter 2017
“Now” Paramore 2013
“Oh Star” The Summer Tic EP 2005
“The Only Exception” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Part II” Paramore 2013
“Playing God” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Pool” After Laughter 2017
“Pressure” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“Proof” Paramore 2013
“Renegade” Singles Club 2011
“Rewind” Riot! 2007
“Rose-Colored Boy” After Laughter 2017
“Still into You” Paramore 2013
“Stop this Song (Lovesick Melody)” Riot! 2007
“Stuck on You” The Summer Tic EP 2005
“Tell Me How” After Laughter 2017
“Tell Me It’s Okay” Paramore [Deluxe] 2013
“Temporary” Riot! 2007
“That’s What You Get” Riot! 2007
“This Circle” The Summer Tic EP 2005
“This Is Why” This Is Why 2022
“Told You So” After Laughter 2017
“Turn It Off” Brand New Eyes 2009
“We Are Broken” Riot! 2007
“When It Rains” Riot! 2007
“Where the Lines Overlap” Brand New Eyes 2009
“Whoa” All We Know Is Falling 2005
“26” After Laughter 2017

About Paramore Rock Band

American rock band, Paramore, have recorded songs for five studio albums, a box set, an extended play and two soundtrack albums. The band was officially formed by Josh Farro (lead guitar and backing vocals), Zac Farro (drums), Jeremy Davis (bass guitar) and Hayley Williams (lead vocals) in 2004, with the later addition of Jason Bynum (rhythm guitar). In 2005, Paramore signed with the New York City-based Fueled by Ramen but Davis would soon after leave, and be replaced with John Hembree. The band released their debut album entitled All We Know Is Falling that year. Three singles were released to promote the album. Davis would rejoin shortly after.

Bynum left the band in 2005. Hunter lamb replaced Bynum in 2006 but later left the band. Davis would be removed from the band for a second time, but shortly rejoined once more. Taylor York, who had been in a band with the Farro brothers before the two met Hayley Williams, joined as a touring guitarist in 2007. The band released their second album, Riot!, in 2007. The lead single, “Misery Business”, became their first charting single in the Billboard Hot 100 and certified single. The next year, Paramore contributed to the Twilight film soundtrack with two original songs, including the hit single “Decode”.

In 2009, the band released their third studio album, also announcing that York would become an official member, Brand New Eyes. Williams and Josh Farro wrote most of the songs together, while York had writing credits in some of them. After promotion for Brand New Eyes ended, the Farro brothers announced their departure of the band in 2010. In 2011, Paramore recorded an original song for the Transformers: Dark of the Moon film soundtrack and released a box set entitled Singles Club with three original songs, “In The Mourning”, “Renegade”, and “Hello Cold World”. In 2013, they released their fourth studio album, Paramore, which debuted at number one on Billboard 200. The album produced two of Paramore’s biggest hits “Still into You” and “Ain’t It Fun”. Davis would later leave in 2015 but Zac Farro would return in 2017. In May 2017, they released their fifth album After Laughter. Four singles have been released for this album, “Hard Times”, “Told You So”, “Fake Happy”, and “Rose-Colored Boy”.

The band returned after a four-year hiatus with their single “This Is Why” on September 28, 2022, from their 2023 album of the same name. The full album was released on February 10, 2023.

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