Omega Strikers Tier List 2023 – Check Character Ranking

Omega Strikers Tier List 2023 with character name, nickname, role based on play style, check s, a, b, c, f character rankings for free-to-play sports title game.

Omega Strikers Tier List

Omega Strikers Tier List 2023 with character name, nickname and role, check character rankings. Omega Strikers (mobile version) is a free-to-play sports title which has made waves when it was first announced as it imagines League of Legends-like characters playing soccer. There are 17 characters in Omega Strikers where each player comes with their own nickname and role (or position) as per their play-style. Here’s a look at each of the characters and their respective details.

Two new characters were added upon the game’s release, bringing the roster to a total of 17 characters, otherwise known as strikers. This wonderful cast of characters is all fun to play. Each one brings a different set of abilities and strategies to the game. Though the character pool is small at the moment, it’s helpful to know how each one ranks in the current meta.

It is worth noting that Omega Strikers has undergone quite a transformation as the devs have constantly been adding new elements since beta tests are closed. We have been grinding the game all day and have finally landed on a character based omega strikers tier list to share with all of you.

Omega Strikers Tier List

Here is a classification of characters as per the Omega Strikers Tier List:-


In the S-tier, there are 2 characters – Juliette and X – that have been making waves within Omega Strikers. Juliette and X are both two of the best forwards in the game. They can even be an amazing flex pick for goalkeeper due to their quick speeds and stuns. Rasmus is a great support who has an incredible area of effect when in play. Vyce and Octavia remain strong picks after their recent arrival. Here are the S-tier characters:-

Character Name Nickname Role
Juliette The Eager Rookie Forward
X The Eccentric Brawler Forward / Support
Rasmus The Captivating Playmaker Forward
Vyce The Electrifying Rocker Forward
Octavia The Sonic Virtuoso Forward / Support


The A-tier is full of characters that have good attacks in general and main star of this tier are Dubu and Drek’ar. Dubu is a heavy-set goalkeeper and even forward or support who can do a lot with his skills by setting up angles for his friends, stunning the enemy and charging a mega-hit on the core. Drek’ar is fun to play because he can make long ranged plays without having to take his eyes off the goal if he’s the keeper. Here are the A-tier characters:-

Character Name Nickname Role
Dubu The Endearing Defender Goalkeeper
Asher The Unbreakable Wall Goalkeeper
Drek’ar The Intimidating Invader Forward
Kai The Natural Superstar Goalkeeper


B-tier is where we see some amazing support characters who aren’t necessarily going to be good unless the rest of their team is decent. Era has a lot of stuns and long-range capabilities to hit the core and stun opponents. She also has a skill that grants her friends a speed bonus. Here are the B-tier characters:-

Character Name Nickname Role
Era The Empowering Enchanter Forward / Support
Ai. Mi The Girl Who Glitched Goalkeeper / Forward
Estelle The Stunning Sniper Forward


We don’t want to say that C-tier characters are bad, but what we do want to say is that these characters have a ton of potential to be amazing in the right hands. One of the newest characters, Zentaro, is going to be one to keep an eye out for because of his quick melee dashes and teleportation abilities. Here are the C-tier characters:-

Character Name Nickname Role
Zentaro The Wandering Blade Forward
Rune The Shadow’s Force Goalkeeper / Forward
Atlas The Steadfast Protector Goalkeeper


F-tier characters are ones that, admittedly, haven’t had a chance to shine. Juno as a character is conceptually very cool because she can put up blobs that bounce the core around. She requires a lot of game knowledge that may end up resulting in a new player bombing the team. Here are the F-tier characters:-

Character Name Nickname Role
Juno The Curious Explorer Forward
Luna The Chaotic Rocketeer Goalkeeper

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