Noah Kahan Songs List with Album Names

American singer-songwriter Noah Kahan songs list with album name, year of release, check list of all popular songs in studio albums like young blood (busyhead), orange juice (sticky season) and extended plays like please (hurt somebody), anyway (cape elizabeth) etc.

Noah Kahan Songs List

Noah Kahan songs list with song name, album, year, check list of all songs in studio albums and extended plays by the American singer-songwriter. He was born on January 1, 1997, in Strafford, Vermont. Noah Kahan gained popularity with his debut single, “Young Blood,” which was released in 2017. The song gained significant attention on streaming platforms and led to a record deal with Republic Records.

Noah Kahan’s music is often described as a blend of folk and pop, with introspective lyrics and emotional themes. He has cited artists like Paul Simon, Ben Howard, and George Ezra as influences on his music. In addition to “Young Blood,” some of Noah Kahan’s other notable songs include “Hurt Somebody” (featuring Julia Michaels), “False Confidence,” and “Mess.” His music has resonated with audiences worldwide, and he has amassed a dedicated fan base.

Noah Kahan has released several EPs, including “Hurt Somebody” (2018), “Cape Elizabeth” (2019), and “I Was / I Am” (2021). He has also collaborated with various artists, including Chelsea Cutler and mxmtoon.

Noah Kahan Songs / Album

Song Name (Year) Album
Young Blood (2017) Busyhead
Hold It Down (2017) Non-album single
Sink (2017) Busyhead
Hallelujah (2017) Non-album singles
Fine (2017) Non-album singles
Hurt Somebody with Julia Michaels (2017) Busyhead
Come Down (2018) Non-album single
False Confidence (2018) Busyhead
Mess (2019) Busyhead
Cynic (2019) Busyhead
Busyhead (2019) Busyhead
Crazier Things with Chelsea Cutler (2020) Non-album singles
Pride featuring mxmtoon (2020) Non-album singles
Part of Me (2021) I Was / I Am
Someone like You featuring Joy Oladokun (2021) I Was / I Am
Stick Season (2022) Stick Season
Northern Attitude (2022) Stick Season
Save Me Busyhead
Tidal Busyhead
Carlo’s Song Busyhead
All My Love (2022) Stick Season
She Calls Me Back Stick Season
Come Over Stick Season
New Perspective Stick Season
Everywhere, Everything Stick Season
Orange Juice (2023) Stick Season
Strawberry Wine Stick Season
Growing Sideways (2022) Stick Season
Halloween Stick Season
Homesick (2022) Stick Season
Still Stick Season
The View Between Villages Stick Season
Anyway Cape Elizabeth
Need Your Love Gravity
Passenger Hurt Somebody
Howling I Was / I Am
Glue Myself Shut Cape Elizabeth
Maine Cape Elizabeth
Godlight I Was / I Am
Catastrophize Hurt Somebody
Please Hurt Somebody
A Troubled Mind Cozy Coffee Moments
Animal I Was / I Am

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