DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List – Check Rankings of Danchro Characters

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List with names, check rankings of characters performing deadly attacks in all-new action RPG gameplay, go on adventure with your favorite characters!

Danmachi Battle Chronicle Tier List

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List with character names, tiers, check rankings of all characters in the gameplay. The DanMachi Battle Chronicle is an all-new action RPG for the popular anime series “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”! You can experience the world of Danmachi in 3D with fully voiced dialogue!

Relive the story of Danmachi in 3D together with your favorite characters brought to life via anime-style 3D graphics! You can also enjoy game-exclusive movies and scenes drawn at totally different angles from the anime! Monsters await you in the Dungeon where you can make use of a variety of methods of attacking and evading in exhilarating battles with simple controls!

Perform your favorite deadly attacks, including Firebolt and Lil Rafaga, in spectacular fashion. Go adventuring with your favorite characters!

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List

Character Name Tier
Bell Cranel SS
Liliruca Arde SS
Welf Crozzo SS
Finn Deimne SS
Lefiya Viridis S
Yamato Mikoto S
Ais Wallenstein S
Tiona Hiryute S
Tione Hiryute S
Sanjouno Haruhime S
Bete Loga A
Hestia A
Riveria Ljos Alf A
Gareth Landrock A
Loki A
Hephaistios B
Hitachi Chigusa B
Takemikazuchi B
Aisha Belka B
Ishtar B
Ryu Lion B
Syr Flover B
Wiene B
Daphne Lauros C
Cassandra Ilion C
Miach C
Asfi Al Andromeda C
Hermes C

Take on other adventurers in Magic Stone Contests, free-for-all battles where everyone is an enemy! These are battle royales fought between 8 different players. Gather more Magic Stones than anyone else to become number 1! The SS is the best tier, S tier consists of better characters in case SS tier characters are not unlocked. A tier has good characters while B tier has OK characters if you are not including A characters in the gameplay. C tier consists of weak players and we will not recommend you these characters to be included in your team.

About DanMachi Novel & Anime Series

The DanMachi Battle Chronicle game is based on DanMachi novel and anime series written by Fujino Ōmori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda. The series has also been adapted into manga, anime and other media. It follows the adventures of Bell Cranel, a young adventurer who explore dungeons to defeat monsters and gain loot.

The DanMachi story is set in the fictional city of Orario, which is a bustling hub where adventurers from all around come to explore the dangerous labyrinths and dungeons beneath the city. The city is home to various powerful guilds and deities, and adventurers strive to gain experience, find treasures, and ultimately grow stronger by defeating monsters and overcoming challenges in the dungeons.

The main protagonist is Bell Cranel, a young and optimistic adventurer who is determined to become stronger and live up to the legacy of his late grandfather. Bell is a member of the Hestia Familia, led by the goddess Hestia. Throughout the series, Bell’s adventures and interactions with other adventurers, gods, and monsters unfold, and the story combines action, adventure, fantasy, and a touch of romance.

Adaptions of DanMachi Light Novel Series

The success of the light novel series led to multiple adaptations, including:-

  • Anime: “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” has been adapted into anime seasons, each covering different story arcs.
  • Manga: The light novel has been adapted into several manga series that closely follow the storyline.
  • Spin-offs: The series also has spin-off light novels that focus on side characters and different perspectives within the same world.
  • Games: There are video games like DanMachi Battle Chronicle based on the series that allow players to experience the world and its characters in interactive formats.

You’ll love this RPG game if you are a fan of the Danmachi series, want to adventure with cute female characters and enjoy action games. If you are looking for a free-to-play game based on popular anime, then you can enjoy both a single player and multiplayer experience.

The official website for DanMachi Battle Chronicle is https://www.danmachi-danchro.com/en/. Android users can download DanMachi Chronicle App from google play store.

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